So I was at KSMF yesterday, and went to the gate to pick up my SO and our son (gate pass, wife is blind). So while I see her plane land (scanner in hand), I notice this nice looking B752 coming in. White body, red winglets, BAW paint on the tail.

Snapped a very gritty picture of her as she pulled into the int’l terminal, but it had me wondering… Why would BOS fly a plane from Halifax to Sacramento? Nothing major is happening here right now, and it was packed (e.g., not a ferry flight) We just lost our only int’l carrier to KSMF (being MXA), so I don’t know if BOS is looking at starting service here.

Any ideas? … /CYHZ/KSMF


No clue, but it looks like CYHZ was merely a fuel stop from Rome: … /LIRF/CYHZ

Possibly a vacation charter for a bunch of folks visiting Italy?