Air Trans


I saw an Air Trans 737-700 at the BTV airport, the airport doesn’t service with this company. The tail number was TRS6030 it was on the national guard side and the only flight track on it was on monday. do you know why??? I was so thrilled i live like 3 miles from the school, i got out early to walk and that was the last thing i thought i would see at the airport so i waited and watched it fly over my head as i was taking off only if i had my camera :cry:


That’s interesting, TRS6030 doesn’t appear to be a scheduled flight for Air Tran. My best guess would be some kind of charter, maybe someone rich in the Baltimore area wanted to go skiing.

BTW TRS6030 is the flight number, the tail number would be something like N*****


I don’t think there sking its been in the 60’s lately. I think it was the national guard leaving or arriving now that i think about it my house is less than 100 yards from the gate so if they left let them return safely and if they arrived home let me say to everyone WELL COME HOME!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I’m not a skier, so you would know better than me, but I’m not sure about troop movements, especially if it overseas. Doesn’t make sense to use a 737 for that type of job. Usually the UA 747’s or Omni and World DC-10’s are used, or something big like that.


its usually a small group that they send but i don’t know beats me my be the airport is trying to cut a deal with AirTrans :smiley: and they parked on the guard side for space they have been looking with a replace ment ever scense Independent Air left. Who Knows.


Umm, first of all, it’s AirTran…not Trans. Sorry, but I work there, and hear “Airtrans” a lot…it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Anyway, we have a pretty active charter schedule, and since the jet was on BTV’s guard ramp, it was probably a military charter. Just a guess.


yeah i figured that but it was wierd there wasn’t any news about the troops leaving or arriving which was wierd because they always have news about that. But do you know if AirTran will be starting sevice in btv like i said when Independence Air left the first thing that came up was “AIRTRAN” so if you have any info please share