Midwest Airlines!


Hi just wondering if anyone here has ever flown with Midwest Airlines? Let me know what you thought of it. Also if you have heard anything about them would be just as good so let me know. Thanks Alot.


Well, AirTran is still trying a hostile takeover of them, but Midwest’s directors have been successful of chasing them off so far. That’s about all I know about them. :slight_smile:


My roomate just took midwest from mci to Minnesota somewhere, he said he enjoyed the flight. I’ll try to get more details out of him but he’s in class right now.


I have not flown them, but have a friend who flew Midwest from MSP to DCA about a year ago now. All I got back from him was that they were fine but the cookies were over baked on three of the four legs.


Haha well there cabins look really nice in the 717’s they are really wide and roomy looking! ha.


Yeah, running a 2X2 leather seating arrangement in a fuselage built to be “crammed” with 5-abreast seating will make it nice & cozy! The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking doesn’t hurt either.


They have been around for over 20 years flying as the best kept secret in the airline industry.
Look for signature flights. Those planes have two by two leather seating. They rely heavily on customer service so if trouble arises they are there for you.
I 've been flying them for years now. I miss the steak and lobster meals onboard but 9/11 put an end to that. I still enjoy the gourmet meals now even if they charge me a few bucks.
If you look ahead you can buy tickets for $20-30 more than the other trash carriers and its well worth it.


I flew them on one trip DCA-OMA-DCA. I don’t remember anything about cookies, but everything else about them was great. :smiley: Great in-flight service, comfortable cabins, friendly crews, and a Y fare that was comparable to other carriers, all of which required a connection to get to OMA.


Started by Kimberly Clark years ago as their charter service, good service, usually on time!


They are a good airline. I enjoyed the service.


If people would spend that $20 extra each way for good service and comfortable cabins, the other airlines would sit up and take notice, nah, they are what they are.

Give me my Piper Comanche 260C ANY day. No TSA hassle, no canceled flight, no unexplaned delays, no ATC delays, I’m never 23rd for departure, no hubs, good airport service and I drive my car right to my airplane. I fly 1/3 the speed and get there in less time.


What food is worth $20 on an airplane? I’m willing to may no more than $0 for food on a typical flight.

Come on, now! The average passenger takes about a 2-3 hour flight. Do you mean to tell me that someone can’t go without eating for that short period of a time?

If it’s a coast-to-coast flight (about 5-6 hours, depending on direction), a snack should still suffice. After all, when in the aircraft you aren’t exactly doing heavy work that makes you hungry.

On longer flights - transatlantic, transpacific, etc. - I can see the need for full meals.


Not positive, but I believe he was saying that Midwest has higher fares, perhaps around $20 higher; for that you get a bigger seat and a good meal (its been a while since I looked at their site, but the menu doesnt sound bad).


You may be right, NG737CA.

Although, I disagree with having to pay more for good service. You shouldn’t have to may more for the flight attendants, airport crew, etc., to be civil to their customers. That applies to ANY company, not just the airlines. If I spend money someplace, I expect good service.


I have a friend who is a tight as it comes with money. Not only his own but his companies money as well. He is based in the KC area and flies Midwest when ever he can for work/pleasure. I nearly hit the floor when he said “even thought it may be $20 more, it is worth it.” As has been posted above he said the CS is excellent, and the extra room on the 2+2 doesn’t hurt either.

I flew years ago I flew Continental from EWR to HNL on a 767. The service was excellent and each seat has it’s own video monitor with a number of viewing selections, which is a big plus. Other family members have also flown a few times on different airlines to Hawaii and those planes all had drop down TV’s so you were stuck watching what ever they were showing. Because of the personal monitors and great service I would not hesitate to fly them again to Hawaii, even if the price was a little more then another airline. To me that is a part of getting customer service that I do not mind pay a little extra for.


You are also getting a business class seat for that $20.

You shouldnt have to pay more for service, but sometime you have to. I have seen them less expensive in the past to competitors; making two connections just didnt appeal to me when I was looking


damiross - pay for good service? don’t you do that every day when you choose a restaurant, or shop, or a myriad of other items you spend your money on every day?

The airlines all charge the same for the same crummy service. Rock bottom pricing gets rock bottom service. Pay a few dollars more, you expect to get something for the money and those who have flown ME report that you do in fact get more.

Howver, I just priced tickets on ME vs. anyone else, trip Leave Fri of memorial day weekend and return memorial day. Hartford - Orlando. ME is asking $3300 for three tickets!!!

Expedia shows $1214 for the same trip and roughtly the same times - so. . .it is not $20 more but more like $2000 . … better be damn good choco chiop cookies!


Ain’t a F#ing cookie in the world worth $2,000! Flight attendants better be gorgeous and give some really good extra service… IF ya know what I mean! :wink:


Not surprising really, I don’t suppose ME foresees many people wanting to fly BDL-MCO via Milwaukee :open_mouth:


pat - nobody WANTS to go via ATL, CVG, ORD, PHL or any other hub for that matter. . .

Same dates, BDL-LAX - ME $766 - stopping in MKC and MKE - all freaking day to come home.

Delta- NONSTOP both ways $391.

$260 - is the servce THAT much better???