Midwest Signature Service

Flew on a Midwest Sig flight the other day…Boeing 717 (practically new) from KMCI to KMCO and back. Sig service includes those warm chocolate chip cookies which were quite good. As I sat up front and the engines are in back it was rather quiet. Nice big leather seats too. F/A’s were professional but rather elderly. Watched a movie on the $10 rental DigEplayer on return leg but even at full volume it was sometimes hard to hear. As I’m a cheapskate most of my flying has been with Southwest, but now I think my new favorite is Midwest Airlines!

A number if years back a friend was to fly from Philly to MKE on Continental. As they were done loading the plane with the snacks the cargo truck hit the wing. They ended up rebooking my friend on Midwest on the trip out. He raved about it the entire weekend, the leather seats, cookies, wine etc. On the way back while checking in he mentioned what happed on his way out to the woman behind the counter. She apologized for it happening, and he said “I was hoping it would happen again on the way back.” He actually did get a chuckle out of her.

Hi Skelly,

You missed the good old days when there was no separate ‘Signature Service’. All YX a/c were 4-across leather seating with excellent meal service.

One of my favorite memories was a Saturday morning MKE-LAX MD-88 flight (April, 1997 - $268 r/t). The conditions were ‘severe clear’ and breakfast was a French Onion omelette (with complimentary champagne). The pilot pointed out the Grand Canyon to those on the right side, and then received clearance to deviate so those on the left could see it.

Haven’t flown YX in awhile, but they’ll be bringing me through MCI on return from Thanksgiving in Texas (MKE-DFW, SAT-MCI-MKE).