I’m traveling to Kentucky in March on United with 2 stops. Im traveling on a CRJ-700, B777 and a CRJ-200. I was wondering if the regional jets have channel 9 on board.
Also i’ll be filming parts of my flights. Does anyone have any experience on any of these flights or airports that would like to share?


RJ’s typically have no entertainment other than what the self loading cargo brings along for the trip.
I’ve never been to LEX, and my last trips through either SFO or ORD was so long ago the DC 6 was brand new. Not really, but it seems like it. Neither of them have stellar reputations for on time performance during bad weather, hope you have some layover time built in. As I remember there are a couple of good restaurants at SFO.

John in Saudi

None of the RJ’s have Ch. 9.

I spend a lot of time in T1 and T2 at O’hare but I don’t think I have a favorite spot or anything in particular worth filming. If you have time to kill and want to just watch arrivals and deps the best places to stand are the End of F-concourse in T2 and either end of the C Concourse in T1.

I do like the F-concourse because you see more variety taxi by, especially if you’re there at a time of day when there’s Intl arrivals or departures.

I wouldn’t bet on it. United FA’s, particularly those on the RJs are notoriously paranoid and make up “security” rules as they see fit.
Why would a normal ‘merican want to be filming ? You must be one o’ them thar terrists.

I’m pretty sure you can get to ORD non stop out of LA Area airports. It will save you several hours of flying.

Pat206, Ha ha ! You should have been a comedian!

There is no such thing as a “United FA” on an RJ.

The FA’s on BUR-SFO and ORD-LEX will be a SkyWest employee (both routes are operated exclusively by SkyWest in March).

You can fly SNA-ORD and LAX-ORD nonstop, but obviously he prefers flying out of BUR or he found a better fare there.

You can also fly LGB-ORD on JetBlue but you’d have to do a separate-ticket Interline transfer to get to LEX.

There’s also the point that he can get more miles by taking a longer route.

SFO-ORD on a 777 may be the reason not to take a nonstop. 9HJ is a great set of seats.

Not according to seat guru

Depends on the version of the 777: seatguru.com/airlines/United … -200_1.php