E-TUV report...USAIR

because of a snafu at Philly when we were returning from US Virgin Islands…USAIR gave the 4 of us E-tuvs worth $200 a piece for use in future USAIR travel (within 1 year) so today I used them when bookin by trip from MCI to YVR (via PHX of course). Our out of pocket was around $120 so that aint too bad I guess. Am flying United coming home (via DEN) and as thats a more direct trip its a shorter duration. Our flt to PHX is with MESA airlines on a CRJ…anyone have any MESA comments? Also…anyone flown with United recently (out west)…especially on a A319 or A320? I of course plan to take my trusty Garmin 205W GPS with me, attaching the suction mount to the aircraft window. I DO hope UNited allows this…USAIR did. We will also be using our US Passports for the first time…any comments on that? thanks!

I fly on United Airbuses all the time. What do you need to know about one?

I’ve flown on Mesa CRJ’s for United Express but never US. All CRJ-100/200’s are pretty much the same though (except for NW’s - those have goofy high-backed seats).

However, I see that the MCI-PHX flight on Mesa is actually operated by a CRJ-900. I have been one one of these (a Mesa one for US too actually). I did not like it. The windows aren’t well aligned with the seats and for some reason it was really warm and stuffy the whole flight (DTW-CLT).