US airways IFE

just completed a RT with US Air to Virgin Islands and back and there was NO IFE working on any flight segment. We flew an Embraer 190 and also a B767 and had first class seats on that but still NO IFE. Are other airlines also shutting down their IFE to save a few $$$?


How long was the flight or where did you fly from.

There’s no IFE on US’s domestic fleet. The long haul stuff, transatlantic and Hawaii do. Rumor has it they’re testing something for the domestic fleet but don’t hold your breath. Doug Parker went on record the other day and disparaged all FF plans as the bane of the airline industry so anything that could be perceived as a passenger amenity is suspect at US.

we flew from MCI-CLT (about 2 hrs) and then from CLT-STT (about 3.5hrs) NO IFE of any kind. I hear that they have caused electrical probs and have even caught fire. I also hear that some naughty pax have been messin with the IFE on purpose. I cant condone such activity.
I will further say that our flt from SST to PHL was 45 min late and so we missed our conn to MCI and so we complained to USAIR so they put us up in a motel and gave us food coupons (4 of us) with ground trans included. They flew us home to MCI 24 hours later. THAT FLIGHT landed 30 minutes early. Go figure.

US is actually is the process of testing new ptvs on an airbus a320 aircraft. the routing is currently sna-phx-atl.