cookies on the Frontier

flew with Frontier (first time in 25 years) recently from MCI-CUN and back on a A320. Didnt get the (formerly midwest) cookie on flt there as it was early am but on return flt DID get the (warm) cookie. Flt was full, and the IFE tvs didnt work until we were nearly over New Orleans but I was busy lookin at my Garmin GPS that I had mounted on the aircraft window…therefore…Frontier DOES allow GPS use above 10k feet. Unfortunately…we also had a screaming baby nearly the whole 3 hr flight plus a dude behind me who coughed quite a bit. Felt like spam-in-a-can yet without the glory of an astronaut. Still…a decent job by Frontier we left and landed on time. That terminal 3 at Cancun is SO much nicer (and newer) than terminal 2 (our arrival terminal). I got some good photos of the hotel zone in Cancun while departing eastward from CUN. Went thru US customs at MCI (a first for me at my home airport) but it was no problemo. Outbound our AC was Bison and returning jet was ELK but we found NO droppings in the center aisle…

Unfortunately on your flight, they hadn’t retrofitted the Airbus with the ovens. They are in the process of doing that with all of them, so while they are there on all of the Ejets, it’s a bit hit/miss on the mainline fleet. On my MKE-MCI-DEN-SMF run, I had them on all 3 legs, and the DEN-SMF leg was the only one mainline. the other 2 legs were RPA and MEP.