flying to YVR Vancouver International

anyone ever flown into/outof that airport? We are planning a little trip up there for late July to break in our new passports, eh? Have to use USAIR outbound so gotta go via PHX from MCI but on return will prob take United as they go to mci via DEN. I suppose we’ll have to go thru airport customs but hey we’ll have those new passports with the rfid chips in them so its supposed to be faster…even thought of landing at SEA and driving up but that would involve crossing into Canada with a rental car from the USA, plus the time involved.

I’ve flown in/out of there, once. Very nice/modern airport, and enjoyed my time there. Flew a nonstop KLAS-CYVR on ASA. Nice ride for a B734 (only time flying ASA to date). Luckily, it was at the time where a driver’s license or photo ID would get you into Canada (and I was stupid enough to leave my passport on the table at home! :blush: )

As far as driving up from SEA, it would be at least 2 - 3 hours without the time at the border, IIRC. If you were adamant on doing that, it may even be worth flying AAY into KBLI and take it up from there. That would cut off a good hour and a half if not more from the road trip.

What you might want to look into is flying SWA, especially since they have the joint ops with WJA. Book on SWA’s site, get the points on flying WJA. You could do a MCI-LAS or MCI-SFO run, they’ll route your bags all the way to CYVR, and pick up WJA from there… you might even be able to do it from PHX as well. And you won’t get charged for the bags either! Have a look into it, as it might be worth it (only downside is no Ch. 9).


I’d either drive up to Vancouver or make a special trip back to the Seattle area from Vancouver for one great reason: The Seattle Museum of Flight Restoration Center at Paine Field, Everett.

Fascinating place! I was there a couple of years ago. If they were only restoring the Comet 4C (which you can go on), it would be worth the trip. However, that’s not the only aircraft being restored there. There’s also the first 727-100 off the production line undergoing restoration and several other military and civilian aircraft and engines.

The main Boeing Museum at BFI is way cool, also…

Went there, too, but I found the restoration center more fascinating.

There’s also the Future of Flight at Everett. This is where you can tour the assembly floor. I wanted to go on the tour but was unable to due to time constraints. There is an observation area on the 2nd floor that gives a good view of the field.

YVR has preclearance so you’ll actually clear customs for your return trip there, not in DEN.

I’d go via Seattle at least one way to hit the museum and restoration center as mentioned. Also, you can take a boat to Victoria BC then over to Vancouver. It’s a pretty nice drive between SEA and YVR. Also that drive will put you within a few minutes of the San Juan Islands. I am not aware of a rental car causing any problems at the border.

Here are some options to consider:

FoF is not that cool. Skip it. The only thing interesting is the observation deck 830 feet from the runway center line.

Albeit back in 2001 I have flown ORD-YVR-SEA. Airport seemed very well designed for international flights,. Went through customs upon arrival. I think it is probably my favorite airport architecturaly. Green tinted glass, and in the ticket counter area up front hardwood floors in places. It was real nice. I don’t remember the customs process on the outbound portion though.
I was a nonrev at the time and was simply trying to get to SEA but the ORDSEA flight was full, I was able to get on the ORDYVR flight and then down on Skywest from there, and I was scared that I only had a Illinois Drivers Licsence and no birth cert. Things have sure changed now!