YRV Vancouver International - customs

we’ll be flying there from PHX so I guess when we land we’ll go thru Canadian customs then grab us a taxi to our downtown hotel. Returning we’ll go to the airport very early to make our 820am depart for Denver. I hear that we go thru US customs at YVR so after that its a domestic flt to Denver. Anyone been thru that process at YVR lately?

make that YVR…my bad!

I went through there about 10 years ago on an ASA flight, LAS-YVR. It’s just like you mentioned. You’ll clear customs at YVR, so it will be like a domestic flight for you out of PHX. On the way back, you’ll pass customs at YVR again, so it will be a domestic flight back as well. It was a quick process for me, but then again, I didn’t get in until 12:15am, so YMMV, but on the way back I had an early evening flight, and processing then was fast as well.

You should be okay; just remember to have your passport! I had it in my hand, set it down to pick up something, and left it; didn’t realize I didn’t have it until I was over LMT. Luckily at the time, a driver’s license and/or picture ID was required for entry, so I was good.


I have gone through YVR a whole lot of times albeit domestic.
I’ve pre-cleared customs for USA in other airports in Canada and the process can be slow at times, 8:20am is primo time for US bound flights, there’s usually around 7-10 within an hour.
Here’s YVR’s website: http://www.yvr.com
Timmy’s and Starbucks will have lines 20 deep at that hour. Get your breakfast elsewhere.
Get there early.