USAir ops at KPHX

we’ll be flying into PHX on flt 2752 from MCI then have an hour to get to the gate to flt 504 to fly to YVR. Looks like all USAir ops are in terminal 4 so making our connection should NOT be any problem…unless we are late gettin in to PHX! Since we are flying from PHX to Canada (YVR) we dont have to mess with customs at PHX do we? This is the first time I’ve ever FLOWN out of the USA so thats why I ask.

I’m not sure if PHX has a Canadian pre-clearance facility. I know that on some Canadian flights I have taken, you clear customs before taking off.
Otherwise, there is a form you fill out onboard the aircraft with all of your data, and you take it to customs and the process is extremely fast because you have all the data ready to go in their required format.

For the flight to CYVR, you’ll be clearing customs at CYVR. your AWE flight from KPHX will be treated as a domestic flight, so you won’t have to worry about customs there. Additionally, if they know in advance that you’re on an AWE flight connecting to another AWE flight, they’ll hold the plane for you, as your luggage is routed all the way through to CYVR. You should be okay with it, should you be on time (give/take 15 - 20 minutes). If for some reason you’re delayed for something else not weather related, you’ll be put on the next flight.


airlines usually don’t hold a flight unless there’s a lot of passengers that are late connecting.

There also is no “next flight” there’s only 2 PHX-YVR flights and he’s on the late one.

That being said, as long as your connection time is over an hour you’ll probably make it.