US AIRWAYS flt 2752 on monday night July 20

I am interested in this (nightly) flt from MCI to PHX because its the same one my family and I will be taking next week enroute to YVR. IF you check the flt track you will see a very interesting flt…they headed North from MCI to avoid storms then later circled (for some reason) near the OK panhandle and THEN when near PHX …since there were storms at PHX they diverted to KTUS! What I want to know is…what about those on that flight who needed to connect to USAIR flt 504 from PHX to YVR? That flt is the last flt of the day. I wonder if those pax had to wait for the next flt to YVR (around noon today July 21) OR did USAIR put these pax on some other airline in order to get them to YVR quicker. Turns out that AWE504 was ALSO delayed getting into PHX and in fact left PHX for YVR about 90 min late…

I also wanted to point out that AWE504 did quite a bit of circling (holding) just east of PHX before finally landing. I guess PHX was having quite a t storm/windstorm! The monsoon season must have begun, eh? I sure hope WE can get into and outta there next Wed night!

They may have been able to reroute them on an AC flight (without checking to see if there was), they’re both Star Alliance now, so quite possibly could’ve been done. Like you saw too, 504 was late, the evening flights at a hub are typically going to be aircraft that will have arrived within the last hour or two, so that aircraft may very well fall victim to the weather problems as well, the only problem would be if it diverts and they cancel the PHX YVR flight because it would’ve operated too late by time the aircraft arrived. In this case though it looks like it worked out ok.
IF, though the connecting flight left on time and that was the last one, if the delay was due to a weather or ATC the airline will not give overnight accomodations. BUT, if this happens, ask the agent if they could ask the hotel to give you the “distressed passenger rate” which will at least save you from paying full price.
BUT, you’ll make it, conx will be good, and you’ll get to go to YVR, lucky bum! :smiley:

Yep… It’s been pretty active the last few days. And last night they kept popping until 5 am. Unusual, as mostly the storms fire late afternoon into the early evening and start to lose energy not too long after sunset. The forcasts are calling for the same kind of stuff for the rest of the week…but you never know. The dew point is ripe (for here) for the formation of more stuff today, so we’ll see.

What is likely is the formation of storms along the high terrain north though east of the valley. And while the storms may not make it down into the valley, they choke off departure and arrival corridors that muck up air traffic. It’s not fun for the airlines, but when this happens they usually push back the entire PHX hub schedule in order for passengers to make connections. … /KMCI/KPHX … /KIND/KPHX

im sure that at least some of the pax on ASH2752 were bound for YVR. I dont suppose any of them made it back from KTUS in time for the 2130 depart of AWE504 to YVR so what…would USAIR fly them to PHX the next day? The next USAIR flt to YVR (after 504) leaves phx about noon. I see that 2762 has left MCI and is enroute (once again) to PHX and that there are some t storms in the area…surely this cant happen again tonite! Still…safety has to be numero uno, eh? I bet the folks on 2752 had a rather bumpy flt as well…perhaps those on AWE504 as well? I have flown on commercial jets maybe 15 times and I’ve never been diverted or put in a holding pattern. I guess I need to fly more…

Yes, the airline is obligated to get you to your destination. They would be rebooked for the flight the next day.

They probably wouldn’t get a hotel for free though, since the delay was due to weather.

Also, note that in situations like that, most people don’t miss their connections because all the flights are delayed.

The weather is a building already… :stuck_out_tongue: