EJA701 9/21/11


flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA7 … /KSBA/CYYJ

This flight did not land at Victoria; flew KSBA-CYVR via YYJ VOR.
Error in the filed plan. Not the first time, both the city and the island have the same name (Vancouver) but the city is not on the island :confused: . For that matter Victoria (city) is not on Victoria (island) either. Blame those 18th century British explorers for a lack of imagination when it came to naming places :laughing: .


Interesting, both San Fransisco center and Seattle center sent messages about it diverting right around the time of the handoff and it was never later amended to be diverting back to CYVR.


I was on the freq. at the time and approach had actually started vectoring him for a CYYJ landing before he realized it was the wrong airport. Several minutes of confusion and conversation re: border clearance, customs etc. then off he went to CYVR insisting he had filed for there and not changed it. Don’t know how they resolved it but going via YYJ VOR seems an odd routing in any case.