Interesting diversion track.


It appears that they started at KIGX, went to KSYI, went missed, tried the approach at KJWN, went back to KIGX and either landed but kept the same squawk (theyve let me do this before while IFR, as long as it’s a quick turn) or they did the approach and then flew all the way back to MHT. Either way, it is unusual.
I’m flying this airplane tomorrow, a bunch of island flights…
MHT-HYA-MMU-ACK-BOS-BED-ACK-MHT but as I’ve learned, things change, so we’ll see. I always pack for 6 days.


That IS odd! I’ve never seen four airports on one flight map before. I’d like to see FA allow an option to display all flights for a given day on a single map view, but, as you review the day’s history, that’s not what’s happening here.