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Any pilots use BWI for customs lately?

Just curious what it is like, do you have to use the terminal or will they come over to Signature?
Plan B is to clear at Bangor and use Martin State. I haven’t been there either.

Probably easiest to just call Signature - 410-859-8393 or call USCBP office - 410 865 2100 and ask.

The phone call comes soon, just wanted some sort of feedback first. Bangor is dead easy and within non-stop range on our first leg. BWI is possible but might be pushing it depending on winds and weather.

My company has never had any issues with BWI customs. They are friendly on the phone and I have never got feedback from the crews (which indicates that they have nothing to complain about). I believe that they do meet you at the FBO.

Thanks, there may be a change in plans after all. Looks like maybe Bangor-Teterboro now.

Where y’all coming from before BGR?


If you go non-stop to TEB be sure to update customs several times, they can be a pain there.
Also if you’re not using Atlantic still plan on being charged a ramp fee, it’s their ramp… it’s kind of like strong-arm robbery

Yeah, we got snookered by customs at TEB before 9/11. Notified them about 19 times that we would be arriving about 4PM on July 4, no problem. Called the FBO on the radio on the way in, they called, no problem. We landed, taxied in and waited, and waited. The day shift had gone home and the evening guy decided he wanted July 4th off. Bangor wants your business.

Tomorrow starts a long two weeks.

We didn’t see these guys, but there were a lot of complaints about the winds aloft forecast being way off. Much begging and pleading heard on Shanwick delivery before the westbound crossing to no avail.

flightaware.com/live/flight/AWE7 … /LGAV/KPHL

Is this the plane c/n634 jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=3093 ?

Yes,but it has new paint.

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