More Merger Talk....Northwest & Continental???

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Now United is putting in their two cents…

United Airlines

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Every report I heard said the discussion was between United and Continental. I’ve also heard (all today!) that AirTran and Midwest were in discussions, as well as American and Northwest [yuck]. Sounds like these last two are simply feeling left out!! Aside from their very different fleets and schedules, why would AA want to inherit NWA’s debt (of course, they ARE bankrupt :smiley: ) and labor troubles? About the only positive I could come up with for these 2 is AA’s strong presence in Europe and NW’s presence in Asia. AirTran and Midwest?–similar fleets, veeeery different business philosophies.

Merger Madness at it’s finest! All that’s missing is a loud-mouthed salesman and the HUGE BUBBLE LETTERS/NUMBERS WITH LOTS OF !!!

Listening to SFO tower yesterday, I heard this from a UAL pilot replying to the tower: “Thank you. United xxx (soon to be Continental).” Thought it was funny.

I heard something like this on the JFK ground/clearance delivery freq.

Delta 767 pilot: "Hey who is doing all that videoing out there?
JFK ATC: Your competitor JetBlue.
DL: Theyre not bankrupt yet, are they!
No reply from ATC