United/US Airways to merge to merge

United and US Airways are thinking about merging.
They said they would operate out of United’s hubs, but US Airways executives would run the company.
Funky, Huh???

Unlike the NWA/Delta merger, none of this information has been confirmed by anybody at those companies.

I think it is reckless on the part of the media to report these sort of things.

That being said, a combined airline would DEFINITELY be keeping CLT to give them reach in the southeast where UA is currently fairly week.

Jeez don’t let Dougweiser in charge of something that big. He already screwed up US Airways since the America West “merger”.

well, its either Doug or Tilton…, I’ll take Doug.

There has been a lot of talk among employees about the possible merger. Two interesting facts:

  1. all of the labor groups at US have completed transition agreements, the latest being fleet service, which resulted in the COC (change of control) language being removed. Wonder why they would want that? :slight_smile:
  2. On the US employee website a section previously titled FAQ’s has been renamed “Merger News”
    Just a little more fuel for the fire. Dougweiser has the talent, but hates his employees. Most US employees are begging for anyone but Dougie.

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