American Airlines in talks with Continental and US Airways

There goes the 'hood! :smiling_imp:


US hasn’t even finalized the mess of the merger they had with America West. Really for AA, CLT and DCA are the only benefits they would get out of US. As for CO, the two overlap in NYC and Texas. Really AA should try and get certain parts of these airlines by other mergers of these two or if US goes chapter 7. They don’t need a full blown merger.


OUCH!!! I bent over to tie my shoe and I felt something pretty painful behind me…


I for one, welcome the new overlords, and the extra work it’s sure to bring.


Jeez…talk about a potpourri fleet…
Just when COA & USA thought they were rid of their MD-80’s…

This new airline might have more hubs than spokes :unamused:


This new airline might have more hubs than spokes

I agree. AA can really only merge with Alaska. They are so big that every other airline they try to merger with results in significant overlap.


This is intentional swerve by AA.

They’re not merging with anyone.


I agree, but what’s the point?


competitive recon

get an idea of other airlines’ cost structures and bid up the value of the acquisition targets.


USA with more HUBs???

I’d like the way it is today…

I work for USA, just would see more flights into Canada, like i said in another thread (PHL-YYZ).