American merger

With the American- us air merger, what are the chances of American heavies coming to KPHX. I have heard rumors but seems unlikely to me. It would be very nice! :smiley:

There is no “American merger”

U.S Airways- American Airlines = separate companies sorry, I wish they merged too :frowning: , could have see American scheme on Airbus! :slight_smile:

They still have that MOU for their order of A320s, so you may still be seeing them. The financial problems they are in was supposed to have no impact on their Airbus order…


Ok, I’m sorry I made a mistake.
Now, with the possible future merger of us airways (ICAO:AWE) and American Airlines (ICAO:AAL), would there be any chance of American Airline (ICAO:AAL) heavies (777,767,etc.) coming into Phoenix sky harbor international (ICAO:KPHX). I have heard rumors but feel it is unlikely. :slight_smile:

Unless there is a demand for the route or money to be made, I doubt. Maybe 757 equipment at the most.

I Agree. With AAL having hub operations at LAX and DFW, I would doubt that you would see an AAL B777 at KPHX anytime soon. Even with the merger, it is more than likely that AWE will cease to exist and AAL would be the prevailing airline in the merger. This would mean the loss of KPHX as a hub for AWE, and AWE leaving Star Alliance.

You might see the occasional B767 come in for daily runs between KPHX and KCLT, because of the banking world, or for KCLT being AWE’s launchpad to Europe, but that would be it.


In today’s squawks: … erger.html

Not a lot of info. I don’t believe I had read the breakdown of who would own what… Only other thing to add was that the combined airline would, indeed, be known as “American” but would be based in Tempe.


The execs at AAL would not like that. They specifically moved their corporate offices from Dallas to Chicago because Boeing was moving their corporate offices from Seattle to Chicago to be closer to UAL. That way, AAL would have the same ear of goings on at Boeing that UAL would. If AAL gets based in Tempe, that completely kills that.

On the other side of that, this would be good news for Airbus, as I know they’ve been courting AAL for a while now.


American’s headquarters are not in Chicago, they are still in Dallas.

I think you have American and United confused.

My bad; you’re right. It was only Boeing that moved to be closer to them, not the airlines that moved to be closer to Boeing’s move. UAL always was in Chicago, and AAL increased their presence in Chicago to accommodate.


American has very few employees in Chicago other than crew and people at the airport. I think their only other presence is a sales office with about a dozen people.