Airtran "hostile takeover of Midwest"


Airtran has been trying to take over Midwest and has revieved 56% of stockholders wanting this to happen (their stocks would rise, which is why the number could be so high). Midwest responsed by partnering with NWA.

Airtran claims: Milwaukee very underserved, and they would bring lower fairs and enhanced/increased service

Midwest claims: way better service, better seats. Airtran’s claims of increased service are often not furfilled even close, many proposed routes are unrealistic with 3000% seat gains

other: Zagat ranked Midwest #1 us airline, followed by jetblue

which way does the cookie crumple?

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The current (May 22nd 07) trading activity in Airtran (TRS on Flightaware, AAI on the NYSE) and Midwest Air (MEP on Flightaware) are reflecting that the market thinks the deal will go through. The annnouncement of over 50 percent being tendered moved the stock to their done deal position. If you think will NOT go through do NOT buy EITHER of these stocks.


i am with midwest. If they go, it is the end of another good airline. I WILL NEVER fly airtran if they buy out Midwest. Come on stockholders :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: its very unlikely midwest can get through :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Airtran just got 3 people elected to the Midwest board.


I thought this was pretty funny. Sorry initially put in wrong link.


Funny when placed in the Airbus versus Boeing discussion. Not funny when placed in this discussion. Please don’t cross post.