Cool new toy


I guess I didn’t hear about this one at Oshkosh, but it looks like a lot of fun. The cockpit pic on page three is pretty amazing:


Looks cool. Expect to see it in a bond film soon :smiley:. I’ve looked at their site the other day. If I had the choice I’d say screw the other pax, make it one nice, big cockpit seat, baggage on the other side. Put a fuel tank opposite the cockpit, Allow 310lbs for pilot and bags. and the other 220 lbs normally used for people will go towards the 36 gal tank we put opposite the cockpit…therefore more than doubling the range and making you more comfortable… Ha!


I just posted this on the 3rd, great little plane:


Yeahhhh, that’s why I looked at their site. I never knew that it was a seaplane till today.


They’re making one that’s also snow capable, can’t find the video at the moment though.


:open_mouth: no secondary set of flight controls for the right seater?!?!?!

no control redundancy???


Don’t know what you’re looking at but the Icon A5 has dual controls.


D’oh! missed that pic! :blush:


That’s pretty sweet.


I promised J one if I hit the lottery. :wink:


Good luck with that!