New model Cessna unveiled at Oshkosh


Sneak Peek at a new Cessna model, shown here doing a surprise flyby at Oshkosh.
No, I didnt take the pictures, plans changed and I am unable to get out to Oshkosh this year.
…also interested in seeing the new Cessna LSA supposed to be unveiled at Airventure as well.


I looked up the N number, and it is reserved, not active, according to the FAA. Does this mean anything, or is the FAA just slow to update their records?


The latter part of your statement.


Do I hafta wait 5 posts to point out to Dami that Newark posted a question, not a statement?


It’s a statement with a question or a question with a statement or both or neither or something or the rain in Spain is on a plain in Paris, Texas.

Hopefully, I’ve confused you enough to forget what your original statement, er, question, was.


No is the answer to your statement!


More and better info about both the LSA (light sport aircraft) and the “NGP” (Next generation pison) here:

I’m living vicariously through those who are there. dammit. :confused:


Listen live to KOSH ops:
(if it doesnt work at first, give it a few tries, it’s (not surprisingly) quite popular.)


Ok, that’s what I thought.


Working fine for me, although I have to press the “play” key occasionally to restart the feed.