SUN N FUN 2007

I know its still a while away but…

Any predictions of releases (new airplanes, something updated) by aircraft companies?

Don’t know, but my friend goes every year. I would ask for you but he can’t make it this year. However, he just got certified to fly the top of the line Cessna Sovereign and I’m so happy for him!!! I love the flight deck in those things, such pretty blue and orange LCD displays. :laughing: He’s been flying just about every Cessna jet out there for years so this is a nice notch in his belt.

My market is piston so i can only guess in that market, being i don’t know about the other markets. So:

  1. Diamond (was talking about 350hp??)
  2. Columbia (get back there speed title? pressurize?)

most likely to bring something new or changed (in columbia’s case, being they don’t have money growing off trees) are Diamond and Columbia.

I would think Diamond might announce at Oshkosh, since the plane is several years out anyway. The D Jet will likely be at Lakewood, and more accessible than before.

There are a lot of former Mooney folks at Columbia, and you can bet they are looking to modify the 400 for more speed as quickly as possible. I would think they would save pressurization for Air Venture as well. Diamond is selling everything they can make, and I believe Columbia is as well (though Columbia may be eyeing expansion as soon as the User Fee and Fuel Tax issues are over with).


Yes thank you, Lakeland. Lakewood is a subdivision near me.

Columbia only shipped 25 airplanes 400’S 4Q (compared to numbers like 50 a q). I bet the Cirrus turbo and acclaim hurt their sales; they are most likely working on something. They have to win back the market.

1 Cirrus killer will be there (cessna NGP)
2 mock up of cirrus jet??
3 cirrus SR22 G3

how does sun n fun compare to oshkosh (i have only been to oshkosh)?

Cirrus G3!!!, also the epic turboprop, and the cessna ngp is there

The Cessna NGP is out on FlightAware! (Picture on N99110)

I know FA says it’s a Skylane but the picture on was taken at the same time as the flight of N99110 on FlightAware to KLAL was. N99110 has a 300+ hp engine for testing. That’s why it’s speed is so high.

I don’t get it - looks like a Cessna (with the wing mounted incorrectly).

Slant U seems a bit modest for a next generation plane.

I don’t think it has an approved GPS… or any approved avionics for that matter. Although I remember seeing it has a G1000 installed.