Cessna NGP News


An interview on AvWeb with Cessna CEO Jack Pelton revealed a few new tidbits about their NGP (Next Generation Plane).

First, they are considering use of composites, but have not made a decision. I have predicted all along (beginning in 2002) a composite fuselage with aluminum feathers, and am sticking with that.

Second, the airplane is meant to be a “family” and will have at least 3 versions including perhaps a lighter version. That would bump pretty hard into 182 territory if you ask me. The CSTARS can’t be happy about that news getting out so early.

Anyone know if 206 sales have been hurt by the NGP already?


I like it. It looks like a next-gen Cardinal.
I also have thought they would move towards composites, but like you, for some reason I don’t think they’ll make it all composite.


I like composites, but I believe it will be better for Cessna to only go composite on the fuselage. They have more experience with aluminum by far, and the biggest gains on small planes can come with a composite fuselage where the curves you can get are too expensive to do with aluminum (stir friction may change that, I dunno).

Late model Mooney’s have as slick a wing as any of the newer certified glass planes. I think the new planes make up for fixed gear with a slicker fuselage and in the wing attach area which is a big drag spot on many planes.


it looks like a cirrus with a high wing


how so?


Isn’t it obvious? It has wings, a tail, some windows, and an engine out front! :wink: