Oshkosh coming up......


No I didn’t see another topic on this…but this plane going around Oshkosh about once a day…I am guessing it is a photog plane getting ready for next week’s fly in…


A search on any of its previous flights shows a rather circuitous flight path…Anybody see anything else on the fly-in, I’d be happy to see it!


I’ll be there.


I will also be there. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some interesting activity in the coming weeks into the Oshkosh area.


Is it an airshow?? I looked it up on google and got pictures but it look different then most airshows. The flight path of the plane that you gave the tail number for, is it maping things out?? If so does something like that happen at every airshow?? Because in Vermont there will be a show this year over the lake, do you think that there will be a plane doing the same here??


Oshkosh, Wisconsin is home to the largest GA (General Aviation) gathering every year (called Airventure, but most people just call it oshkosh) held at the home of EAA (Expermintal Aircraft Association).

I doubt it, most mapping flights wouldn’t be IFR. Mapping flights dont usually go in circles, they travel in even, paralell rows. Nor can I think of any reason they would need to do mapping of the grounds a week before the show. I really dont know what this airplane is doing, it might just be a student and instructor practicing vor tracking at the OSH VOR.


The “corporation” that owns that airplane (N218WS) shares an address with a Fond Du Lac attorney.


Oh ok it sounds like a lot of fun. Thats the site that I went to and saw all the photos. Well for everyone who is going have a GREAT TIME and make the best of it. 8)


Taking your poor, old, long-suffering Dad this year?

You know, the whom you owe everything!

Who’s always had your back…

No pressure though. :smiling_imp:


I’ll take lots of pictures for you!



I actually get to fly in twice this year. I might snap a few too.


Here is a clip of the action last year.


Who the heck shot that???

Helen Keller?

I was getting motion sick just trying to watch it!


It was pretty shacky but the ATC was going crazy with all the talking and watching I bet.


I was being trained to be an Air Boss years ago (for the air shows we used to have here at the museum) by one of the guys who was often an Air Boss for EAA at Oshkosh.

He had some great stories, but he’d also tell us about the times he’d wake up in his motel room in a cold sweat in the middle of the night looking for his radios!


Much credit due for the ATC guys and gals who work (Volunteer!) Oshkosh every year. They’re transplants from airports and ARTCC all over the country, and theyre not used to identifing the diversity of GA (Gasp! I mean General Aviation) aircraft that arrive at Airventure. It’s hardly a perfect system, pilots start rocking their wings 20 miles from the airport!
I was nearly overwelmed upon arrival, the ultralights buzzing around on one side of the field, other aircraft taking off on the other runway, some aircraft land long, some land short, its quite amazing more accidents dont happen. A careful study of the NOTAMs available at airventure.org is imperitive for anyone trying to fly in there.


You’ve got a PM!



Didnt want to make a new topic, and since we were talking about photos above, I thought I’d share that I just had another photo accepted over at airliners.net
that makes a grand total of… 7. :slight_smile:


It’s majestic, not magestic! :wink:



Ah, I give up.
i shudd’a gone wit ‘prety’.


Are you going to use that new photo as your icon picture on here?? Great shots! CLAPS