General Mitchell Field - Milwaukee (KMKE) Viewing locations?


Hello folks!

It’s been quite a while (pre 911) since I’ve been to Mitchell Field in Milwaukee to watch planes with the kids. I was thinking about getting back out there for something out of the ordinary to do & watch the planes coming & going. I was just browsing the satelite images for the airport area, I notice that there are quite a bit of changes in the locations that we use to watch from.

Would anyone on here be able to fill me in on any good viewing locations where we wouldn’t be hastled by anyone? I’m looking to take closeup video & photos of planes while on approach.

Thank You for any & all replies!



There’s a designated parking area off Layton(?) Rd where you won’t be hassled.
It’s at the threshold of 19R and although that runway is frequently used for departures it’s rarely favored for arrivals.

Apart from the top floor of the terminal parking garage I know of no other spots, but I only go there en route Oshkosh so I haven’t explored very much.


It’s been 2 or 3 years, but there was always a fenced parking lot East of Signature FBO [formally Mitchell Aero].
Never had a hassle there and it’s almost lined up with the approach end of 19R. Good luck!


Thank You Bill, Pat! I’ll definately check these locations out. I realy do appreciate your helpful insight!

We use to sit at the approach of RWY 7R service access point along 6th st… We also use to sit just to the east of the aproach RWY 1L on a small dirt drive just off of College Ave. Both locations were recently reconstructed per looking at the satelite imagery dated July 2011, So I wasn’t sure of an access point for these locations anymore. So far over the years, We’ve never had a problem with security etc.