bizjets some how not cool???


Why do photographers say, “I usually don’t take pictures of bizjets, but this time I did :unamused:.” As if biz’s aren’t the coolest thing in the world. Why? :open_mouth:


Cuz theyre loooooosers.
I dunno, but I agree, its even harder getting people to take a picture of an airplane with GASP a PROPELLER (or two) on the front.


cfi, you have PM.


Two, actually.


Sure, they’re cool. If you’re inside them.

I more a fan of the big birds myself, and I’ll take a 747 or A346 over the best biz jet any day.


Probably because they’re harder to understand and keep track of since there’s such a wide variety of bizjets flying vs the limited number of variations in airliners.


I am partial to bizjets as I work with them. I love airliners very much but the variety of bizjets is just amazing.


Im with Newerk on this one. It is DEFFIENTALLY cooler to see a large cargo/passanger 747 over a piper…


I don’t think Piper makes a jet… except maybe the Meridian has a PT-6 turbo prop.


Well I was talking about small planes in general…


Piper has said they will be looking into the VLJ & such and will probably begin developing a jet very soon.


Even so, I don’t know if I’d classify VLJ’s with BizJets, but i guess that’s up for debate.


I bet you are under 30, probably under 20, right? If so, I can understand why you think it’s definitely (note spelling) cooler to see a 747 over a Piper (which should be capitalized because it is a proper name). That’s because you haven’t seen any of the great looking planes of the past, both cargo and passenger (again, note spelling). Many of them are still flying today.

While a 747 is a great looking plane, there are many more that are even better looking.

In no particular order:
Gulfstream 2 through 5
Electra (both the piston one of the 30’s and the turbprop).
Beech 18


Hence the “& such”


So you’re say a Piper is cooler than a 747? :confused:


Do you see a Piper listed? But, yes, sometimes something like a Piper can be cooler than the 747. A lot depends on the color scheme.

In my humble (but oh-so-correct) opinion, the 747 looks very ungainly until it leaves the earth and slips into its element of the sky.



dami learned a new word today…ungainly…



There you go again, Pika! Accusing me of learning new words!


This obscure mating ritual has rarely been seen by human eyes. The older folks might remember the time a USAir 737(?) mated with an air taxi at LAX. It was not a “cool” sight. For a link to photos, I’ll let someone post that in the daytime when he’ll make fewer errors.


Are you talking about the USAir that hit the Skywest Metro?