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Sexiest airplanes of all time...


Dang it upchucked slow down, you just took another of mine!!! :smiley:


I was going to put up some pics of the Pasta Rocket, but I figured I’d be jumped for familial bias.

Yes, I know it’s built by “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, but the TBM850 is seriously sexy on several levels:

As is this puppy:

Either of the ones under my profile would be acceptable, but you’ve got to go past the Lady.


LMFAO :laughing: !!!
She’ll always be the sexiest girl on ANY ramp nowadays!

Well of course I’d finish the Lady tour and head S to the mythical NJ!!! :smiley:


ewwww, but she has a mustache!


HEY! I resemble that remark!

Besides, it’s not a mustache…

It’s a unibrow!


The Diana 2…

dianasailplanes.com/diana2pe … mpress.jpg




The F-104 was a sexy looking plane alright, but lose an engine and it had the glide characteristics of a cement block… we use to call them “Lawn darts” … Now, if you could combine the 104 with the sailplane…


You’d have a U-2!


wingweb.co.uk/wingweb/img/Co … m_USAF.jpg


I’ve got one of those!


Surprisingly, no one mentioned the P-51, P-40, B-17, B-26, B-24, the F4U, or even this little gem…

anyone care to wager a guess? This is obviously a model, all the real photos are too big to stick here…

Sexy? Hmmmm, guess that is in the eye of the beholder…

aha, found a photo, black and white, but better than nothing…


Good point, I guess you can always shave a unibrow…

Clearasil anyone?


which makes it all the more ironic that one of the last operators was the Aeronautica Militare Italiano!

speaking of the Italians…airracinghistory.freeola.com … C%2072.htm


You know why the AC-130H Spectre can wear a nose like that without fear of being made the butt of someone’s joke?

The ability to rain thirteen worlds of hurt on unsuspecting recipients is why!




Yes, JHEM, unibrows, pimples, it’s all just fetish, I didn’t say it wasn’t attractive in the same way the straight wings and twin tail of an A-10 isn’t just ugly as :smiling_imp: but nonetheless attractive in that :wink: sorta way. .

That is another of the :open_mouth: things I remember learning about airplanes when I was really young (in another post I mentioned a P-3 doing a powerback on an airshow video I saw when I was 6 or 7 and I remember thinking “airplanes can’t taxi backwards”), and I remember either being at an airshow, reading a C-130 book, , that said if a mouse was running through a football field the AC-130 would not miss the mouse. I think the same was also said for the AC-47.

Oh, and for the record, the Spector would probably be able to rebuttle me with, yeah, and what do you fly? A Cherokee? HA! You couldn’t handle me! :laughing:


I live close to the Warren Grove gunnery range here in Jersey and have mis-spent more than a few hours parked on the shoulder along Route 72 (and even from the observation towers as a guest on two occasions!) watching A-10s and F-16s beat up the sand and scrub pines here in the Pine Barrens.

The A-10 is the less-than-attractive girl in HS who clouded your mind with the fact that she was interesting to listen to, not just look at! :wink:

*(Some recent Warren Grove history:

* In May 2007, flares dropped from an F-16 belonging to the 177th Fighter Wing [My beloved Jersey Devils!] set off a large wildfire that consumed more than 18,000 acres of the Pinelands and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents.

* In November 2004, an F-16 fired 25 dummy 20 mm cannon rounds that hit the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School.

* In January 2002, another aircraft practicing at Warren Grove crashed near the Garden State Parkway spewing flames and molten metal across the busy road.

* In June 2001, a 1,600 acres forest fire is caused when an Air National Guard plane drops a 25-pound practice bomb at the range.

* In April 1999, Nearly 12,000 acres of forest, wetlands, cedar swamp and cranberry bogs burn after a Pennsylvania Air National Guard plane drops a "dummy" bomb more than a mile from its target.)*


God, I love the sound of the Warthog’s gun! Like the loudest fart you’ve ever heard! :laughing:


Some of my favorite(s):

G-IV / V
airliners.net/photo/Gulfstre … 1508832/M/

B744 The fact I picked a KLM pic. is just because of the landing at SXM:

airliners.net/photo/KLM—Ro … 0385938/M/

airliners.net/photo/Corsairf … 1512390/M/

I picked this one for the reg. and the landing SXM…I will get there some day 8) :wink:


airliners.net/photo/Air-Fran … 0028628/M/

Looking at the picture I remember my ears ringing after she’d depart.

Falcon 2000:

airliners.net/photo/Dassault … 0502802/M/

Not a bad car either :wink:


airliners.net/photo/FedEx-Ex … as-MD-11(F/1505355/M/


airliners.net/photo/Vietnam- … 1510998/M/

When I got to take my tour of the Boeing plant, we got finished, went to the gift shop and when we came out there was a Vietnam Airlines T7 just pulled from the paint hanger sitting there in the sunshine it was AWESOME!! knowing that the aircraft sitting right in front of me was getting ready to enter sevice.

Late addition (last I promise) B767-300:

airliners.net/photo/Gulf-Air … 1493739/M/

Very user friendly on the ramp.