My 1:400 Scale Model Collection (as of October 2011)

Does anyone here collect these models? How many do you have? Which are your favourites etc?

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That said, I use to collect them but it got to be too expensive. I have a couple of hundred.

I would really like to collect them, but they are rather expensive. Right now, I have a McGuire AFB C-17, and am looking to get an Evergreen 747.

You can sometimes get good deals on eBay. You may also find good bargains at an airliner memorabilia show.

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It is an expensive hobby but its quite enjoyable. Nothing like opening the box of your latest addition and seeing it in pristine condition. It’s probably not in the same league, but its probably the same feeling as the airlines get when receiving a brand new aircraft into their fleet LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: