Odd looking Hollywood aircraft

Not sure if this topic has been put out there, but I find it funny how Hollywood comes up with some very unreal looking aircraft i.e.
Casino Royal, the “Douglas” aircraft in MIA.
Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man (Ok not a top 10) the aircraft flying over the bar…
There are plenty more cabin shots, cargo holds…

I’m always amazed at how big the cockpits are in many movies. There’s also the ability for people to stand up straight in even the smallest of business jets.

Then, there’s the Shirley Temple movie where she is singing and dancing on a DC-3 that it taxing. The amazing thing is that she is doing this on a level platform. As most of you know, the DC-3 has a tail wheel so when it’s taxing it is anything but level.

ConAir is one I can think of. They rigged a C-123 for ground scenes with a tractor steering wheel and electric motor props. Plus the cabin size was way too large for a C-123. The aircraft is still parked at Wendover Airport, Utah.

Along the same line, Die Hard II was “Shot” at IAD, with all the Pacific Bell telephones around…and the trail of JET A up to the 74…yep good 'ol Hollywood. The enging rpm while the fight was going on out on the wing during a blizzard…yep good 'ol Hollywood. :wink:

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I was involved with staging a set for a movie in 1989. Buried the SAC Connie in the dirt at Blythe, California airport.



Westflight, that is pretty damn cool…that must be a fun gig?

Thanks…My father was involved with the Save A Connie Group in the early days and we volunteered to help with the set. The novel was Last Call for Passenger Faber and the movie was released as Voyager with Sam Shepard.

I like that movie quite a lot … well except for the twist that we could see coming from a mile away. I identified with Faber.