There's a plane in the lake!


What are u up to Frank… :laughing:

You’re seeing what I saw. Freaked me out! I was trying to remember the frequency for 121.5. So I flew over there and took some more pictures but it was really bumpy so they didn’t come out well.

This looks like the Martin Mars operated by Coulson Air Tankers. … ooping.jpg

where is that at?

North end of Lake Elsinore in SoCal. She is fighting fires. WOW! A working four engine seaplane. More pictures here;

I really thought someone had ditched a 737 when I first saw it.

Thats too cool…

The red tail one is C-FLYL photos known as Hawaii Mars.

C-FLYL was delivered to the US Navy on 10th of May 1948 as USN 76823, and was the 6th of 7 Mars Martins built - all for the US Navy.

The US Navy scrapped one in 1949, and lost one on a test flight after an engine fire(May 1950 Honolulu), another crashed before delivery to the US Navy (Aug 1945).

In 1959 the four remaining Mars Martins were sold to FIFT in British Columbia to fight fires. CF-LYM was lost in a Hurricane in 1962 when it sank,
CF-LYH crashed on a fire fighting mission in June 1961.

C-FLYL and C-FLYK (delivered to USN 76820) on 15 Sept 1945.

I have to admit, i disagree with a lot of whats said on here, but i certainly cant deny everyone’s ability to research things and to be accurate. in the future i will start to believe what people say, until proven otherwise.

oh and my aunt used to have a boy friend who hang glided off the mountain near lake elsinore. all good memories.

Cool…I finally will have someone that will believe my UFO stories. :smiley: … 191621.jpg

Great shot of Mt. Wilson, I get an email with all the photo updates, they always do an amazing job.

41 photos from the photo above collection of the LA area fire.

Spectacular photos from last month, a collection of in-flight aviation photos.

Bad roll of the dice by the British Columbia government this summer.

That is an awesome plane, lucky to see it!