Interesting Aircraft Type

I have a question to this fine little community of avaitors…
In one of the best aviation classic movies I watched when I was a kid, and there were many, “Fate is the Hunter”, can anyone tell me WTH the type aircraft is that was the subject of the movie? I mean seriously, I thought I knew them all…but this little gem is one hell of an airliner I have never seen for its time. Or was it in production for a short period and just never made it to the majors? :confused:

It’s a fake aircraft.

Apparently a modified DC7B. Discussion at HERE

Thanks for the info…I kind of thought it may have been a reman for the movie but just wasnt sure. I guess I wanted to believe the bird actually existed. Oh well…

Flipper was fake too.

But “Snakes on a plane”…now that’s Big Screen reality… :open_mouth:

excuse me…but Flipper WAS real…and so was Lassie. I suppose your gonna tell me that there is no real Wizard of Oz too. OR that a 747 cant sink to the bottom of the carribean intact and eveybody in first class can sip gin martinis.

When I was about 8 or 9 they filmed an episode of Lassie on the beach a few miles from where i grew up. It would have been a mile or so south of the Oceano (L52) airport in California. (note, I included aviation in the post)
Of course at that age and with nothing better to do myself and a couple of friends rode our bikes to see what was happening. We got caught trying to sneak through the sand dunes to be in the scene they were filming at the time. They were nice though, invited us to the set and be behind the cameras during filming, met Lassie too. Turns out they used two dogs, both male. That’s why you never saw Lassie licking “herself” on camera.

John in Saudi

NO WAY- its a waypoint on the way into Miami

Nooo! Next you’ll say Santa isn’t real.

Fate Is The Hunter - Movie Trailer - YouTube)

For your viewing pleasure.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: OMG!! Its been absolutely too many years. I havent seen that movie in over 40 yerars, and it was a re-run then! And to a ten year old, …it was the shiiiizznet!

Thanks for the dejavu…