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Anybody staying up late tonight might want to turn the TV to Turner Classic Movies to catch a showing of “The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell”.

While the story is historically interesting, and pretty darn accurate, the true stars of the movie are the aircraft.

Sorry, that’s a little too early for me as I didn’t get home till about 2:30 am central time. I appreciate the heads up though.

No problem, after all it’s not like you missed Howard Hawks’s seminal Dawn Patrol.

While we are talking about it, what are folks favorite movies starring classic aircraft? There are some great movies with fantastic footage of aircraft and even some crappy ones with great aircraft footage. Some of my favorites…Piece of Cake (Brit miniseries) with some absolutely wonderfull Spitfire stuff. Tuskegee Airman has some great stuff too. The scene with P-51s lifting off the dirt runway is awesome…I love the way a Mustang’s gear retracts…beautifull. And Empire of the sun. I always get a lump in my throat when the P-51s show up and the kid is up on the roof cheering them on. Any other puts? Maybe some good ones we may not have heard of?

How about “The High and the Mighty”?

Never seen it…what’s the featured airframe?

You must RUN, not walk, to your nearest video store or go online to Amazon and purchase this movie!

It’s a John Wayne movie. The aircraft is a C-54A-10-DC (military version of the DC-4) that was operated by Transocean Airlines (TALOA).

See for more information on the movie. See here for information on TALOA. Also try to find a book called “Folded Wings: A History of Transocean Air Lines” (ISBN 0-929521-04-08, copyright 1989 by Arue B. Szura, published by Pictorial Histories Publishing Company).

Right now I’m watching the replay of the Rutgers-Louisville game on ESPN classic. :slight_smile:

“Alameda calling China Clipper.”

The Great Waldo Pepper.

Strategic Air Command.

The Dam Busters.

Top Gun.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.

Twelve O’Clock High.

The Right Stuff.

Battle of Britain.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. This movie is enjoyable on so many levels that anyone who hasn’t seen it owes it to himself to get a copy. The performance of Gert Frobe as Count Von Holstein, the head of the Weimar contingent, is more enjoyable than his better known role as Goldfinger.

Bat 21. Two more seminal roles for Glover and Hackman. Answers the old question of why no FAC can ever pay for a drink if there’s a pilot nearby.

The Blue Max.

I could go on, but for those who’d like to troll all of the aviation movies ever made, here’s a list.

Wow! You really are a glutton for punishment! :wink:

Well, I was at the game, so I never got to see it on TV. :wink:

Whoa! I heard those tickets were wicked hard to get!

Hard to believe at times that Rutgers was one of the original “Ivy League” colleges, which is a reference to the unofficial football conference they all were part of prior to the establishment of an official conference in 1954.

Rutgers, because it’s a public institution, wasn’t invited to join!

I didn’t have tickets, haha. I decided at about 4 that afternoon to go, picked up some of my friends, and we drove down. Scalpers were asking for upwards of $400 for some of tickets, but we found some guy who was letting people in a supply entrance for $30 a pop. So that’s how I made it in the game. :slight_smile:

And speaking of old colleges, Rutgers was one of the “Colonial Colleges,” which were that main 9 colleges formed before the revolution. Seven of these are Ivies, with Rutgers and William & Mary the other two. Cornell is the only Ivy not on the list. Here’s some more info on the Colonial Colleges.

Anyone got/watched the OneSix Right dvd of Van Nuys and its history (a recent release)
I am told it has everything for the fan of GA aviation except the whiff of AvGas blowing through the room. Couldnt find a copy anywhere on a recent trip to NY :cry:

Try also

for some classic USN stuff!


It’s an excellent bit of videography, although not that new as it’s been out more than a year. … hp?p=13512

Ian, you can pick one up online at pilotmall.

Santa’s bringing me One Six Left, the companion DVD, with making-of and extra flying sequences. One Six Right is my favorite repeatable movie. Wifey and I watch it every few months.

Thanks for the tip on Pilotmall - a good site but shipping costs make it prohibitive.

Think I will have to visit some more pilot shops on my next trip over although no joy on that 16R DVD recently at KFXE/KFLL or KORL.
Big stores like Barnes&Noble/Borders just looked at me blankly (Hee craazyy) when trying to explain what I was after.

Thx IN (UK)

Alrighty… Then try AirShampoo. here
They’re in Germany I think.
Amazon has them too. If you go to the One Six Right website / view products/ BUY it will show you all of the websites you can buy from.

The link to One Six Right is missing the “.com”.

“Pushing Tin” is another pretty good one. It’s got to do with atc.