YOUR favorite Aviation related flick

As pilots, aviation fans and enthusiasts, we ALL have that, (or those) special aviation related movies that stay with us for the rest of our lives. For whatever reason, those movies…at least for me, steered us towards aviation. And the love of it. I’ll start off the thread with some of my notable favorites, I’m sure you younger guys will have no idea of these movies, but alot of these were made in an era where men, were men. No GPS, tube radios, Loran was the future. Life in America was different, and back then, being a pilot was the coolest and the most respected profession.

The Blue Max, with George Peppard
The War Lover, with Steve Mcqueen
The Great Waldo Pepper, with Robert Redford
Fate is the Hunter, with Glenn Ford
The Battle of Britain, with Michael Cain
and my number one aviation flick…12 o’clock High. with Gregory Peck.

whats yours?..

My favorite is Joining the Mile High Club. It’s in the porno row.

The Airplane and Airport series. What do you think dadalope?

Airport, Airport 75 for sure. Many stars, good stories. Cool planes.

Also Midway, which was a naval aviation/WW2 flick. I can’t pass that movie, if I see it’s on, I have to watch it. Drives my wife nuts (“How many times can you watch this?”).

One more… The Final Countdown … loved that movie. Could have been the inspiration for Top Gun. What do you think dadalope?

:laughing: Frank…you sure u werent in the Navy? :laughing:
Midway…ya forgot about that one.and Final Countdown on board the Nimitz…I did two yrs on that boat damn forgot that one too…or Tora Tora Tora :smiley:

Dude whats up?


:smiley: Stated very well!

I always liked The Final Countdown. Also Strategic Air Command has really great scenes of the B-47’s at cruise but the B-36 crash looks pretty “Cheesy”!

Hope ya got Airbags.

Independence day.

You get to see a crop dusting Waco and FA-18’s and Will Smith drives a UFO!

oh and if I remember there is a Stealth Bomber

Serious movies: The High and Mighty, Strategic Air Command
Funny movies: Airplane! and sequels

Airplane and its sequel sucked. Flying High rules. :wink:

As for serious movies… I still have to go with One Six Right.


I have seen part of the High and the Mighty. And parts of one six right. And, I think for Christmas I am getting a, well they are called “Flight Deck DVD’s,” from sporty’s. Strategic Air Command was really good!

Guess you either love Airplane! or hate it, nothing in between. My girlfriend hates the movie.


The film is a spoof of the disaster film genre, and is essentially a remake of the 1957 Paramount film Zero Hour!. In Australia and New Zealand the film is known as Flying High.

Same cast, same script, same movie, different title.


My favorite airplane flick is “Always”. Great movie.

The Right Stuff.

edit: This applies to the “best novel” thread as well…

Agreed…liked it so much I bought a copy of it…vhs,its been a few yrs. :laughing:

Did anyone say Flight of the intruder?