Sully - gonna see it?

I’m torn. I admire Sullenberger and Skiles and their actions and wonder whether it might be best left alone. I am sure with the cast and director, it’ll be as good as it can be - on the other hand, it will necessarily be over-dramatised and probably wander down some speculative paths that seem disrespectful. That and the inevitable inaccuracies that accrue during any aviation-related film (well all films really, but we notice these ones lol).

Hell i’ll probably catch it on Apple TV.


I’m going to wait on it; Not because I don’t want to see it, but my wife would want to see it as well, and since she’s legally blind, seeing it in the theaters would be hard for her. So we’ll be waiting regardless.

I agree with you on being torn; If they stick true to the events (which there is more than enough documentation on that), it should be good; but on the other side of that, it’s hard to make a 110-120 minute movie out of a 20 - 25 minute event, unless they start from everyone getting on the flight and not make up some storyline before the flight. So I agree on also wanting to leave it alone.

We up here in NorCal are very closely knit with Sully (he’s local to my area), so there is already a lot of discussion going on here for this flic.


Having seen Captain Sullenberger and FO Skiles speak in public twice regarding the event, I’ll pass on the movie. I take their first account perspective over Hollywood dramatics.

I thought it was a good movie, found it be insightful and accurate to the real world event.

If one has too much difficulty “suspending disbelief” most movies are a waste of time. However this movie deservedly tilts toward Sully, and gave a better account of tech issues than I expected. The FAA issues in the real world are way too complex to stand a chance on film, and as a result they get used as the “bad guy”. For a mass distribution film it is a worthy telling of a story about real world heroes that needs to be told. If you are too aviation sophisticated to enjoy it, see it with someone less knowledgable, it is a good teaching tool.

Having seen the actual landing, I was torn also…but I will admit that the movie was much better then I expected. Of course, it shows the landing…but it focuses primarily on the NTSB investigation and what happened after the landing, the pressures that Sully and Skiles dealt with and what happened in that arena. The only fault I found with it was the portrayed landing on the water. If the plane really hit as hard as they show in the movie, I don’t believe it would have held up. It’s worth a watch.

Yeah, the CGI “pilots” haven’t figured out how to flare an airplane yet.