New plane disaster movie with Denzel Washington

“Flight” debuts in theaters November 2. Hero pilot lands a crippled plane but its later discovered he is an alcoholic. John Goodman reprises a Big Lebowski-type role.

Trailer and other info here. Thoughts/comments? Can an already crippled airframe withstand an inversion?

I like a cold one after my flights!! Terrible to label in todays society!!

just saw it tonight, good show.

About 15% aviation related. The rest was another addiction story movie of the week. Of the aviation related content, most of it was done through Hollywood artistic license. Taking off during a severe thunderstorm, busting the 250-knot speed limit in the TCA, lawyer getting the NTSB to include a certain phrase that it never uses as a probable cause - just to name a few. I was disappointed in it.

It sounds like a remake of the movie The Pilot, staring and directed by Cliff Robertson. It was also a book by Robert P Davis, an author of several aviation novels.

The book and movie were both accurate in depicting aviation.

I’m going to see the film Friday night, (and I don’t care about spoilers) but how can a MD-88 type plane invert and stay in one piece? I assume this isn’t realistic…

I’m waiting for the DVD to come out. From what I’ve seen and heard about the movie, it’s not a theatre movie but a Netflix movie.

From the looks of the plane it looked like a CRJ-200 with MD-80 engines :open_mouth:

Alaska airlines had one go inverted- it stayed together… Till it hit the water…

Thats why Alaska Airlines retired the MD-80s right?

Uh, no… the jack screw that failed was a maintenance issue.

Try this: … 277527.php

By the way, there’s this really neat website called Google. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it. I put in “alaska airlines retiring md-80” and that was the first link. Ought to try it. Might keep the signal to noise ratio around here a little more manageable…

Oh Jim, you mad dreamer you!

A guy can dream, can’t he???

I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Kind of a depressing movie to be honest. More about Denzel and his addictions and denials. I thought the issue about the crash was BS though.


When I heard about the movie I thought It be more about the crash, but it was mostly about Denzel being drunk, and the movie wasn’t focusing as much on the crash. :confused:

Thought it was a good movie about personal demons. As usual, Denzel did an excellent job.

The movie was great I think, Denzel was amazing.
Yes, I doubt an MD-80 series would stay together
for very long while flying inverted.

I’m a flight dispatcher/flight planner.

So Denzel Washington was in a movie about a train that was going to crash and now one with a plane, I wonder what is going to be next.

A boat!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: