United 93


So have you seen it and what are your thoughts

i think it was a good idea not to portray any of the actula people with big time actors

your thoughts


Another movie “based on fact” which means I won’t see it, unless my girlfriend wants to see it.


Why is this?


I really think younger people should see it so they can understand what happened on that day. My sister was 4 and she was complaining because her TV shows were not on. Now if she were to see it i think she could better understand it. But its rated R so my mom might not like that idea. I want to see it.


They used real pilots and flight attendants in the movie. Also, the head of the FAA at the time plays himself. Interesting. I too am glad they didn’t “hollywoodize” the movie w/ big-name stars. That would make it appear too sensational and fake. Seeing people we don’t know reminds us that these were REAL, average Americans just trying to get to the West Coast, not some action hero waiting for the bad guys to strike so he could kick some @$$, a la Die Hard. (I did like DH 2 though, even w/ all the fake elements)


Mainly because the producers of these movies tend to sensationalize the facts. I’m not saying all fact-based movies are sensationalized but many are.

Besides, my preferences in movies ranges toward comedies and musicals.


Recently, you are correct, with exceptions of course. From the way it sounds, however, it does not sound as if this is one of those overly-dramatized films we have seen in recent years.


John Carr from NATCA saw the premiere and reviewd it in his blog here:

themainbang.typepad.com/blog/200 … _revi.html


Recently, you are correct, with exceptions of course. From the way it sounds, however, it does not sound as if this is one of those overly-dramatized films we have seen in recent years.

I saw this movie yesterday and you are correct. They use actual people from the events and do a great job at telling the story. I recommend everyone take some time to go see this movie.


The film has been getting tons of press lately, lots of it speculating on the mood and acceptance of such a feature in society these days. The reaction has been mixed, but as they say – all press is good press.


The hostess on the morning talk show I listen to and who’s opinion I respect thought it was pretty good. Think I will see if my girlfriend is interested in seeing it next weekend, regardless of my earlier posting.


My Personal Review on United 93

When I first learned that this film was being made, I was skeptical, because I feel that the events of September 11th, 2001, are grave and should not be sensationalized. Yet, it was when I heard that the family members of the victims involved approved of the film that I decided I would see it. I went in not quite knowing what to expect.

This is not what I would call a “good” movie in that it is not a movie meant to entertain. More correctly, this film is extremely well made with a lot of class. It is neither a documentary nor a formula hollywood film. Rather, it forces the viewer to relive the events of 9-11-2001. But, this time, the viewer is made to feel as if he/she too is a passenger aboard United Flight 93. The movie basically shows scenes from only two locations: on the airplane, and in the various air traffic control centers around the world.

It was only after seeing the film that I was able to pinpoint what made this film so unique. Unlike basically any other film portraying a historical tragedy, this film never focuses on any person’s background or story. The viewer is no more than “a fly on the wall”, simply watching the events unfold, which introduces much of the same uncertainty and helplessness that I personally felt during the real events. The viewer hears many things throughout the movie that on any particular day would be given little thought, such as phrases about someone going home or to see their children, but these statements are given second though only because the viewer knows the outcome.

There are two, maybe three, things that I really appreciated about this movie. First, there are no mainstream actors, just normal people, some of them real life figures playing their real life jobs on camera. Second, politics is never brought up, and the film does not blame any particular group. It is so easy in a historical movie to throw in one’s view of this or that, but this film focuses on the facts of the day only (and portrays them with utmost accuracy and respect). Finally, I appreciate that the viewer is limited to being “a fly on the wall.” It gives the viewer a very real feeling of insecurity that I think many people felt on the real day of terror. The film sensationalizes nothing.

I think this movie is extremely worthwhile for anyone to see. For those who lived through and remember the horrific events of 9-11-2001, this film is very moving. And, for our children who do not remember or were not alive at the time of the events, this film portrayes the events with accuracy, respect, and conveys the true feeling of the tragedy.

In closing, I am not one to become very emotional over any movie. To me, a movie is a movie with actors who, at the end of the day, go home and have a drink, and there really is not much emotionalism involved. However, United 93 ended, and I simply sat there, feeling a bit insecure - and rightfully so.


I haven’t seen Flight 93 yet, but plan to I was only 7 at the time, and I didn’t understand much what was going on… Now that I’m 12 I look back on that day and say wow I never knew it was that devistating… Even though it is rated R my mom will let me see it, because she knows how much I love planes, and also she knew someone who lost her live in the World Trade Centers… RIP to all of those who lost there lives that day and those who fought back to keep our Country United… :cry: