Airport '75 Totally Awesome Remix!!!!!!!!


This is an amazing remix guys, enjoy!!! :open_mouth: I coulda landed it though!! :unamused: :unamused:

Heston is total coolness 8)


Pretty cool!

He’s the master of disaster!

Airport '75 Interesting Fact #1:
The Beech Baron used in the movie, N9750Y, was involved in a fatal mid-air collision with a Cessna 180 in August 1989.

There wasn’t a decent Airport movie after the original came out. That’s not only my opinion, that’s a fact for anybody with an IQ greater than 0.943 :slight_smile:

AGREED!! You can’t beat the original Dami! Airport '79 had a Concorde in it, but I don’t remember it being as good as this one. :slight_smile:

I liked the first two, after that they sucked.

Yeah, but you can have a lot of fun trying! :smiling_imp:

JAAAAY!!! 8) :wink: