Nwa Dc9 reductions at msp

with these new compass airlines 175s Northwest airlines is rapidly discountinuing the dc9 on routes from Msp…fly on this historic plane before it goes away forever!!!

The E175 is primarily being used to upgrade CRJ flights and add new flights, not to replace DC9’s (since it has a lot fewer seats than even the DC9-30).

…on the clt route from msp it replaced the 2 dc9s leaving only the one airbus on mainline…iv already had a chance to ride on a dc9 from gso-atl on airtran when the route lasted…iv also rode on L1011 on Delta route from fll-atl like 5-6 years ago…im only 15 i now noticed how special that is…to have a chance to fly on those :slight_smile: oh yeah and its not that many more only like 10-20 more seats

I HATE those planes. It might be b/c they’re old, dirty, smell, and “passenger convience” items are always broke. They are quite though.

all that matters is that thier historic who cares about beat up they are :unamused:

I enjoyed riding on DC-9’s and 727’s. Except for the back of the aircraft, they were quieter than aircraft with the wings on the engines. It was interesting to sit between the engines in the last row and see if the pilots could synchronize the engines.

Besides, in my opinion, the 727 is a sleek looking aircraft.

do you mean louder than with aircraft with engines on the wings?

Hey! That’s a great concept! Let’s put the engines on the wings rather than the wings on the engines! :slight_smile: :blush:

thanks i didn’t even see that…wow two mistakes in one post for dami must some sorta record :astonished:

Okay, I see what you mean, CLTflyer. The interior of the aircraft on these aircraft are quieter than those with the engines on the wings. On the outside, they are just as loud, if not louder, as other aircraft of that era.

huh cool :slight_smile: …iv never noticed that on delta md-88 flights…i mostly fly on small crjs or 737 classics from Usairways

To most people a 737 “classic” is a -100 (none of which are presently airworthy) or -200.

The -300’s or -400’s you are flying on are “second generation”

…THEY’RE historic… sorry, had to point that out. Not very often I can bust someone on a grammer mistake. :smiley:

um…no a DC3 or a Connie or a Beech 18 those would be something historic. The DC9 was built from late '65-'82. Most of NWA are -30’s, 40’s, and 50’s…entering service in '67, '68, '75. With out doing some more diggin (no time now) I’d be willing to bet, most were built in the early to late 70’s.

I would hardly call any airliner built in the 70’s historic (that would mean I was historic). Not till 2030 at least.

I mean come on would you be caught dead driving this:
(The automotive equivilent of a DC-9, plain and vanilla; nothing exciting)

But that’s just my opinion :wink:

boeing states them as classic

where i live no… :unamused: …i meant like their pretty darn oldest jets out their.

Cltflyer is correct. The 100 through 500 series 737s are classics while the 737-600 through -900 are NG (Next Generation).

It’s hard to believe that a short range, 100 or so passenger aircraft has been developed into an aircraft that can cross the oceans with nearly 200 passengers!

I used to non-rev back there quite a bit back in my commuter airline days. Believe it or not the pilots (at least on North Central/Republic) used to appreciate being told they were not in sync as they really couldn’t tell from the cockpit. Switching synchronizers usually fixed the problem.

i think the NWA DC-9 are a fun plane to fly in,but if u are in the back then the engine its not a quiet flight buts its better then nothing. but Compass Airlines planes are a fun plane to be on also…

Grammar AND spelling mistake

Just a spelling mistake


all that matters is that thier[/quote]

historic who cares about beat up they are :unamused:

Grammar AND spelling mistake

C lik eye sayed. Me knot sew gud at da speling. I r a pilet.