Playboy DC-9

Whatever happened to Hugh Heffner’s DC-9 that he used during the 70’s and 80’s? It was painted all Black with a White Playboy bunny on the tail. Is it still in service?

Last picture for N950PB I could find was this one from 2004 showing it with Aeromexico.

The photo states that it was retired on 8/31/04. Where it was retired to, I don’t know nor do I know how to figure that out.

Photos of XA-JEB

It was permanently withdrawn from use and flown from Mexico City to Guadalajara on 31st of August 2004 where it remains. I’ve not seen any photos, or updates of late.

Complete history of N950PB DC-9-32
construction number 47394, line number 458
Manufactured: 1/27/69
2/24/69: Delivered to Playboy
2/17/70: Leased by Purdue Airlines*
10/11/72: Leased by Ozark Airlines*
3/31/76: Omni AcS
4/4/76: LAV-Aeropostal, registered YV-19C
11/1/79: Stored
06/89: Aeromexico, l
Still in service in service on 8/1/04, withdrawn from use by 8/31/04, ferried Mexico City to Guadalajara on 8/31/04

*Purdue and Ozark provided the flight deck crews for the aircraft

Sources: … =1&id=2096

Video of Hef’s N950PB dubbed ‘The Big Bunny’

Talk about bringing back mammeries, er, ah, memories! I saw it once in MIA. And, yes, the “flight attendants” we all out there in their black mini-skirts with long white scarfs!

I saw it at Toronto International (Malton) and the passengers
were Sonny and Cher.

I am guessing that Playboy no longer has a jet, what with playboy (as far I know) being up for sale.

What does Corona Airport (KAJO) and Miss September 2009 have in common?

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Miss September 2009 was going to be a waitress at Bobby A’s, Corona’s airport cafe, when Playboy made the Playmate of the Month offer. I’m sure she thought about it long and hard before accepting the Playboy offer vs slinging hash a Bobby A’s. She does stop in once in a while for a meal.

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The couple who live on the airport and are in charge of Airport Security are the the parents of Miss September. … 40047.html

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John, bored in Saudi


She doesn’t work for an FBO.

Technically doesn’t have to, the airport cafe will do.


:open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you John!!! You should get bored more often.
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