No, this isn’t about Michael Vick’s airplane! I just wanted to alert everyone to a series on the History Channel called DOGFIGHTS. The program airs on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m., and is aired again 4 hours later at midnight.

While my primary interest in aviation is in the grace and beauty of airliners, I do take a passing interest in seeing the old warbirds. I caught an episode of this program while channel surfing one night (something I don’t usually do). Anyway, the program takes a famous historical aerial battle and uses computer animation to show the viewer various aspects of the battle (views from the good guy’s cockpit, the enemy’s cockpit, views outside the cockpit, etc.). It also includes the story as told by the pilots who were involved in the battle, explains the tactics used, the strengths and weaknesses of the planes involved. Battles from all eras are featured.

Even though my main interest is in commercial aviation, this program has become a “must see” for me! Who knew the Japanese had other fighters besides the “Zero” during WWII!?! :smiley:

Disclaimer: I am not affilliated with the History Channel or any of their paid advertisers. I have no interest in promoting this program or products advertised during the shows. I’m just calling everyone’s attention to the program’s existence in case they are interested.


Here’s a taste. Really is a must see for aviation buffs. Brings it all together. The men / the planes / the tactics.


Here’s a taste…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! Yeah - THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about![/quote]


Yeah, good series. I saw one detailing the Kamikaze tactics by the Japanese, as well as the suicide missions by the Germans. All re-created by computer. Until I watched that episode, I never knew about the Germans flying a fighter INTO an airborne B-17…


I haven’t seen it in quite a while but a year or so back they had one on an F-4 pilot fighting off MiG21’s and another of F-86’s in Korea going after MiG15’s. Awesome animation!