Awesome Kai Tak Landing Compilation w/ Music!!

Guys, I’ve been gone for a while - deep in Facebook! Someone sent this to me and I thought you would love it. You’ve probably seen the clips, but this is set to music and the “Best of The Best!” The Air China guy NAILS it! Check the amazing crab action!!

CAVU Skies to you!! Love, Satine :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! That was a great video! :smiley:

Yippie!! Satine’s avatar is …I mean, Satine is back!!!

I have many friends who are currently flying for some of the Pacific Rim airlines. they all say there is nothing scarier than an Asian airline captain. Apparently “go around” just isn’t in their vocabulary. Yikes.

I love the opening sequence, it’s like “Gozirrahh! Gozirrahh!” LOL!!

A damned shame they closed that airport. Visiting there would’ve been on my “bucket list”!

Meee tooo!! I would love to experience that landing! I love reading the comments of others who have! What an approach plate!!

Whenever I fly I love it when some little kid screams “Whooo Hooo!!” on takeoff, cause he’s sayin’ what I feel!! :smiley:

You should start yelling “WooHoo” yourself! What the hell, right? Ya only get one turn on this ride. Might as well make it fun!

Just rotate and pull a Bo Duke… :smiley:

I’ve seen the video of the Alitalia MD-11’s squirrelly landing a bunch of times, and am still wondering how the gear didn’t collapse. That was a brutal landing lol… But hey, if you still need a ladder to hook up the fuel hose, then it was a successful landing.
And then, the Korean 747 with the fancy rudder work… Would that be known as a 5-point landing?

Sorry girlfriend. Stews gone wild! has your video beat.

The Stews Video had better crab action?? :question: :exclamation:

Damn Frank, could you teach me to spot that from a far?
That skill would be very useful!

:laughing: :laughing: Man, where to start with that one!

:smiley: :smiley: