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I saw this video on google and wanted people to see it. Wait to see the United 747 landing. I would love to live in one of those houses!!! … US+airways

If you lived there now, it would be relatively quiet. The Kai Tak airport has been closed for several years now. The new Hong Kong airport is built on an island in the bay and I don’t think the aircraft fly quite as low over the houses as they use to.

Oh I didn’t know that :blush: i don’t really pay attention to airports outside of the country that much. My bad dawg. :blush:

Did you just drop a dawg???


Whats wrong with Dawg??? BTW I was trying to make a joke out of being embarrassed with the whole airport thing.

Please see other post that stated:

pika1000 = resident smart a$$

Why?? :confused:


Are you saying that your like the neighborhood smart ass on this site?

Ladies and Gentlemen…HE CAN BE TAUGHT!!!

Van Wilder said it best, “You can’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

:laughing: :laughing: Oh your right i’s nows one of yous kind of people that cac learn. HAHA

Partial credit on that one…

By the way are you into Pokemon at all your name is Pika1000?? my little sister watches it so I know about Pikachu. Remember gotta catch them all.

Van Wilder said it best, “You can’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

He’s right. I snuck a peek at the end of the book and nobody gets out of life alive!


Yeah, 'fess up that your real name is Pikachu! :smiling_imp:

When you said Van Wilder I thought you ment the movie about the kids in college that party the whole time. :laughing:

You are too young to understand what the PiKA means…

These kids these days. With their Pikachu, Yu Gi Oh, and Dragonball Z. I tell ya…

If you like Pokemon, you’ll LOVE the video of these planes!

Is THIS the meaning?