I have a 2 1/2 hour wait on my way home at DCA is there a place to go and watch flights in and out of the airport besides just looking out a window. An observation deck is what i’m looking for. If there is can I leave the US Airways gates and not have to worry about a thing or should I just stay there?


Does anyone know about this?? Is there an Observation Deck there??


One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.


I will keep that in mind. Have you been to DCA??


Not since I was a wee little lad…


Oh I got a week from tomorrow. I Can’t wait.


The only place that i can think of to look at planes at the airport is inside the terminal…you could rent a small boat and go to the foot of the runway if you wanted to get arrested…but other than that DCA is just a pretty standard airport…its not as cool as ATL or MSP


Good luck on your trip and where are you goin to?


There’s a park near the airport that is suppose to be good for spotting. Use google with the keywords Washington National Aiport Airplane Spot and see if you can come up with anything. However, with only a couple of hours, I doubt you’d be able to get to it, spot, and then get back through security before your flight leaves.


I’m talking about a hallway that is all glass. Like at Dulles when Independence Air was there you would go up the stairs and there was a hugh glass hallway with seats so you could look at the United gates and the Independence Air fleet.


Thanks for the luck. I’m going to Nashville well Clarksville but i’m flying to BNA to see my friend. He moved 2 years ago I went last year and the wanted me back :laughing: . Its really fun (fireworks buy 1 get 1 free) I wanted to fly Delta to head to CVG and hop on a quick flight to BNA but there were only tickets to ATL which is dumb to head all the way down and the back. It will be good.


Well i know that in DCA there are hallways that have glass that look out to the runway and the delta gates…if you are on the south side of the airport that is by AA…but anyways good luck on your trip into BNA…if i were you i would have taken the tickets to ATL i love flying into that airport…i dont like CVG too much…take it easy my friend


I would have gone to ALT but I have to get there early to get picked up by his parents then they head to work. Are the US Airways gates near the Delta or the Amercian Airlines at all?? or is it by itself?


Yes, the U.S. Air terminal is by itself in terminal C but the whole airport is connected together so you can walk from one end to the other. Its set up kind of like MIA. I would say that the best airport observation point would be overy at the far end of termianl A in this round circular terminal building that has ATA and other airlines there. Its where TWA used to be, but it has a nice circular sitting area with windows that look out to the river and it allows you to see the aircraft landing and taking off. But be careful if you do decide to walk around…security may be tight at this time of year so they may be watching the walking between terminals but it shouldnt be that bad. Well anyways good luck my friend and safe travels.


Thanks I will go and print off a map so I don’t get lost. Oh and I think you told me to be safe :wink: Hey have you ever been to BTV thats my home Airport.



There is a good link to see the terminal of DCA…no i have never been to BTV the closest i have been to there is Concord, New Hampshire…I hear that is quite beautiful up there.


It’s nice up here. I also have been to Concord but VT is 100 times better.


Devo505 I need an opinion if you go to SeatGuru find the US Airways erj 170 i’m in 11a it’s right over the wing. Tell me if its a good view or not? I’m upset about this seat on the US Airway website it showed the wing further back. :imp:


The seat that you are in is somewhat above and behind the engine. You are on the Port side of the aircraft so if you take off from DCA going to the north you will have a nice little view of the Capitol, Arlington and the Washington Monument and all of those little cool things that D.C. has to offer. The only problem that you might have is the noise from the engine but other than that you are fine. Im not sure if rows 11 or rows 12 and 13 are exits but either way you should be fine. If you take a camera you should be able to get some nice pictures of the Winglets :smiley: …haha anyways take it easy man.


My camera broke :imp: But the noise won’t be a problem during takeoff and landing I get to listen to them scream and wine haha but then I will turn on my music. Where is the next place your going to be flying to if nothing what was your last flight??