General Aviation In atlanta

Hey guys does anyone know where private planes land in Atlanta?

They usually use an airport.

Use this link.

Word in my neck of the woods has is the most GA friendly and most convienant to downtown ATL.

Be forewarned, along with the convienance is the cost of fuel.

do you guys know if the Atl private airport is separate from pdk or do you have to go through the main airport?

Not quite sure what you mean by “private airport”??? has four FBO’s for general aviation airplanes. … IAGRAM/pdf shows the airport layout.

I have not flown into this airport and the diagram above doesn’t show a “terminal” which I assume you mean “main airport”.


Fulton CO Charlie Brown Airport. KFTY.

Peach tree KPDK.

You can land at ATL

Cobb County (KRYY) is further out, but is available.

Something tells me we may be giving the original poster “too many” choices :open_mouth:

I forgot about Charlie Brown airport Flyboy, that is another good airport based on the word on the street.

Not heard anything dcgjedde on Cobb but that would be logical place I would consider if anything for saving on fuel and based on Preferred Jet Center services, they quote no departure or arrival delays on airnav. :confused:

KFTY and KPDK are both good choices for small aircraft. Watch out for the BIG antennas at KPDK. KATL is perfectly fine to use, just know that you’ll be operating at the busiest airport in the world and make sure you bring your “A-game”.

And bring your wallet!

I fly out of KRYY and its a great airport. its a bit out of downtown (but thats normally a good thing). KPDK can be busy as h…

Depends mostly on where you are going in ATL though… we have traffic thats not friendly (the 0 AGL kind)

But ATL is in the GOOD part of town. Even if you arrive really late, you can just walk to your hotel or to get a bite to eat and all the locals will be very happy to see you! :open_mouth:

I hangar at PDK. It’s a great location for Atlanta, but Atlanta is a big place. Since all airports in Atlanta are pricey, I’d land at the one closest to your final destination.

If you want to use MARTA to get around ATL once you land, PDK is your best choice; the station is very close by. MARTA also has a station at the ATL terminal, but the ramp fee is one you’ll remember for a long time.

If your business is on the south-side, FFC, 4A7, 6A2 and 4A0 are all good choices that are more reasonable than KATL.

I’ve been to FSI down there, and even though we stay right across the street at the Drury, we rent a car to go back and forth. There apparently was a crew that got mugged walking back and forth to the hotel. There was another crew who received a courtesy ride from a cop trying to walk home at night.

As for the OP, we had a client that would go to ATL because he did business right around the corner from there, the first time we had to stay overnight because we ran way out of duty time while taxiing, he decided we would fly him into PDK from then on. One time we dropped him at ATL and repo’d over to PDK for the pickup, but it added a thousand bucks to his trip.

P.S. NEVER stay at the Holiday Inn ATL, there’s bugs and rats all over the place there!!!

A little while back an ASA pilot who was there for training decided to take a walk to the local Waffle House (hmmmmm, Waffle House, arrgghhh). He received a severe beating and had his stuff stolen for his efforts.

Those ASA pilots fight like girls anyway.

Ever notice how there are no Waffle Houses in the states that border the Pacific Ocean? We have standards.

What’s worse than a Waffle House. The Huddle House! I arrived in Crossville TN at 2:00 am too hungry to sleep. We had two choices Huddle House or the Bean Pot.

Frank Holbert

There’s nothing in the world like a Waffle House or Huddle House at 3 am. It’s like a scene from Men In Black. Or Deliverance !

Peachtree-Decalb is a good place to land in Atlanta area, for general aviation aircraft.