Your Favorite Airport is__________________?

What is your favorite airport?
Mine is my home airport of BNA

KPHX! It’s my hometown airport! :wink:

STL had a nice USO, but PANK has a very nice view.

I think mine has to be KSDF (Louisville KY) or at least my favorite approach, to RWY 35R.
Many moons ago when I was a Fr8Dog I’d fly a navajo around the Ohio and Tennesee valley 4 nights a week. I had a leg from Cinci (KLUK) to SDF, I’d head off on a 240 heading towards Louisville and climb to 6000ft. I’d be reaching SDF right at the time for a UPS inbound hub. On those VFR nights I’d call the airport 30nm out and hope it was a controller who recognized my voice (after 2yrs+ of the same route they know you and you know them, most of the time).
If cleared for the vis i’d begin my descent and approach. With a quick glance to the south I’d see the recog lights of lots of UPS jets being vectored to final and some on final. I’d know where the controller wanted me to fit in, and I’d know (believe it or not) which little light in the distance was which aircraft on the radio. I’d start brining the power back on my rumbling turbocharged Lycomings at about an inch of manifold press per min (or there about, company ops specs to counter shock cooling, agree or disagree thats a whole other discussion).
So on my 240 heading i"d start a parabolic descent straight for the numbers of RWY 35R, as I’d decrease power I’d increase pitch so my airspeed stayed in the navajo smokin’ range. Depending on the wind I’d start to configure for landing a few miles out, still more than 90 degrees off RWY alignment. Contacting the tower they’d say 1 of 3 things “cleared to land 35R”, “are you sure you have SDF in sight and not Bowman field”, or “not more than a 2 mile final please theres a UPS 757 on a 4 mile final behind you” (or something to that effect). Even better was when they’d advise a UPS to hold short of 35R because believe it or not the aircraft you see coming right at you is landingon 35R. To them I was coming straight for them and the tower, which was perpendicular to the rwy.
This was my favorite bit of the night. At the airport boundary 110 degs of center I’d begin a tight (60/70 deg)steep turn toward the runway. Dropping the last notch of flaps I’d roll out on final on speed 5 to 10 ft above terra firma, tweeking the pitch I’d try to grease it on right at the end of the touchdown zone lights, and bring the 'ho to taxi speed right at E4 Taxiway and taxi to the FBO AVcenter. The complimentary “nice job” from the tower made it and extra sweet night.
Then it would be off on the Derby City 1 over Mystic to KBNA for a mid-night lunch at Taco bell.

      I know you may think that kind of flying is dangerous and unsafe, but I've seen Bob Hoover do rolls in a Commander with both engines shut down while he pours ice tea in the pit. It's not stupid or unsafe if your experience level is up to it. And after 2500+hrs in the Ho' doing the same route night in and night out, I felt up to the point of trying to perfect the maneuver each time I did it.

      Granted a lot of drivvle to explain my favorite airport but hell, thats why it's my favorite. Long live USC351

You forgot ORD!!! It’s my home airport.

My favorite is ORD, but RFD is making a new impression on me. MKE isn’t bad either.

I fly to SAN a lot and that airport impresses me, the landing on 27 is always fun if it’s not cloudy or foggy. Then they land on 9. I got to land on 9 my first time in December. Fun stuff when you can’t see the runway until 2 seconds before you hit it. We hit it hard also and we landed about 400 yds after the piano keys. Not only did we hit hard but we had to stop quick. I slid out of my chiar. It was on an American Super 80.

ORD and LOT, also my home airport.

Hands down…my hometown airport Miami International KMIA!!! If our heat and humidity doesn’t kill you as you leave the terminal, a bus or cab will if you jaywalk!! You just gotta love this place! 8) (by the way, this question appears in two different forums…can the wizards at FlightAware merge them?)

I’m sorry, skyhigh, tacoguy3, afarr454, ifly1125, skizz, and orlaam but it gave my a limited number of choices and so i picked the ones that i thought were most polpular!! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No need to apologize ipodguy7…as you can see most of us cheer for the home team where ever that may be!!! Call it “civic pride”, or at the very least “the devil we know”!!!
Note to Mark: saw you locked & redirected the thread. Thanks…you guys are tops!

skyhigh (but close to home)

no problem at all, it was a good idea for a poll actually. Giving me a chance to look up some of these airports i have never heard of. Next time just do something like (Other, please list it below).

My favorite airport was Meigs. :frowning:

Me too. I never even landed there, but it’s the first airport I ever flew an approach to, in MS Flight Simulator. Years later, after getting my license (inspired by the same MS F/S), I was in Chicago on biz and rented a 172 from Aurora and flew the approach for real. Instuctor warned me not to let the wheels touch or I’d get a bill for $29. So I buzzed at about 10 feet, something that I would have crashed the F/S doing! A must-do pilgrimage for any F/S buff-become pilot is gone forever… And I’m still boycotting the city of Chicago for it. (Like they really notice!)

Good choice, cant believe i forgot about meigs. I got to land their once, very happy about that. It was worth the $40 they charged me.

RHV and SJC…both are my home.

I’d have to vote for the Dallas airports: KDFW/KDAL/KADS. Because it’s home territory.

My favorite destination airport is KLAS. :smiley:

Sorry, but all the airports listed in the poll are at the bottom of my list: they’re all horribly yucky (well except maybe for BNA).

My favorite commercial airport used to be BWI, but they’ve done a pretty good job of ruining it over the years.

My favorite destination airport is MCD (Mackinac Island, MI) because it’s such a neat place to visit and because most people have to take a ferry to get there.

But my favorite airport has to be PWK (Wheeling, IL) because that’s where I learned to fly.

I love KIAD, then again I have worked there for the last 10 years also. :smiling_imp:

Hey Mooneyguy, isn’t BWI the old “Friendship Airport”?

According to the website, yes. So called because the site was near the Friendship Church of Ann Arundel County. Dedicated in 1950, the name was changed in 1973 to Baltimore/Washington International.

Used to be easy to get in and out of the airport, and rental cars were a short walk from the terminal. I don’t know if that is still true: its been years since I’ve been there.

Mooneyguy wrote:

So called because the site was near the Friendship Church of Ann Arundel County.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that many years since the name change…Used to fly in there as a kid quite a bit and I guess we continued to call it Friendship out of affection for years. Haven’t been through BWI in a number of years myself.