Favorite (commercial) Airports?


Whats Your Favorite Airpot (commercial)?

Mines KMDT (Harrisburg International)
I like it because if you count the gates in the old terminal and add the gates at the new terminal, it equals 24, which makes it look like a big airport.

Plus, How many small city airports do you know of that have a 10,001 ft runway (capable of handling some of the largest aircraft), A modern Y shaped terminal building (with concourse designations just for that big airport feel) and a full length paralell taxiway AND a Medium size control tower?



KYNG: Youngstown-Warren Regional

It has 6 gates; 1 jetway; but OPPORTUNITY Written all over it!

All of the gates are in the new terminal. It has a 9,000 foot runway; one of the largest C-130 AF Bases in the US and a great 24 hour ATC Tower.


I always check on Cleveland Hopkins (KCLE) because that’s where I work. I’m also interested in overhead traffic. I actually used this yesterday to verify an overhead flight from home.



I flew out to denver yesterday for a day trip (Ah yes, airline travel benefits) just to get out of town. There was a bird chilling around one of the US Airways gates. flickr.com/photos/jgillman/58069271/