Favorite Things in airports.

What are some of your most favorite things that you have seen in airports??? I like the paper airplanes at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I also like the palm trees and monorail at the Orlando airport. And I really like the not so crowded and easy to walk through halls and Nashville’s airport makes it a lot easier to walk and look out the windows with out having to look for people.

Bars. Any of 'em. All of 'em.

Skycaps in rowses and Cabbies all huffing
Loud metal detectors and Starbucks and muffin
Bookstores with magazines tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

(feel free to add verses!)

Strange in an Edgar Allen Poe kinda way or Dr Suess.

Wouldn’t know i’m not old enough. :frowning:

Santa Barbara Airport outside viewing area/courtyard/gate 6

Watching the passengers – any airport.

Of course it was much better before ‘911’.

Wouldn’t it be “watching HOT passengers”, at least that’s what I look for.

Nitro, refreshing in a Von Trapp sort of way! :smiley:

Thank you, jreeves. After reading your post, I can’t get the damn tune out of my mind.

(An aside: My girlfriend and I volunteered at a community theatre recently working backstage for Sound of Music.)

Even though the airport has always been a special place for me, the best ones have features that remind you of something other than an airport. Some examples would be the large tile murals on the floor and the fountains at MCO, or the artwork at SLC and CMH.

…and the bars.

(Even though they rape you financially)

I like the rocking chairs in Charlotte. Very comfortable.

The Dauntless Dive bomber hanging over concourse A at MDW.

The “Smoking Area” sign.

The smell of Jet B in the morning!

When in a small airport such as BTV hereing the relaxing music and the boarding calls for flights, also at BTV being in the observation tower and listening to the ATC.

I almost said that! Nothing goes with a cup of coffee like a whiff of early-morning kerosene and the whine of a turbofan while entering the terminal.

I have never experienced that before, BTV being such a small airport with RJ’s and Turboprops. But there are the JB’s A320’s and the US Airways 319’s and the United 737’s and sometimes A319-A320 but thats only in the early morning like between 5am-6am.


I can just hear it now, " Paging passenger Larry, passenger Daryll and passenger Daryll "

Or even better, having the Mayor from Newhart and his friend ( Chester Wanamaker and Jim Dixon ) as the airport managers.

" Air Vermont Flt. 6768, enroute to Ye Ol’ Apple Days, now boarding through the big red doors yonder over there. Mind Bessie’s mess, its close to milking time".

Just kidding around Nitro, there are no red doors Burlington’s airport. :slight_smile:

What’s that you say something aboot Burlington?