Airport Poll-Which Type????


What type of airport to you like the most? Why?


Are those examples of airports or are you asking which of those airports to you like the most?


Well, I’d vote for the internationals because I like the idea of people traveling to and from places so far away and the mix of folks you get to see, however STL is my airport and it’s technically an international airport, not only domestic. Lambert. So Wasn’t sure how to vote.

I also like the little the municipals and the regionals so I guess, like most of you, I like them all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just examples


When I was thinking of ‘International’ I was thinking of airports like JFK or LAX with multiple international/foreign carriers. I know that lots of domestic airports are ‘International’, just because they have a customs, but they may only have 2 or 3 international flights to places like London or Tokyo, and many to vacations destinations. Do you get the idea, just to clarify for anybody else wondering about my choicing too.


Gotcha! Just voted :slight_smile:



The one that doesn’t have overpriced beer. Still looking for that one.


If you find one, just be sure to watch how much you drink, you don’t want to end up like on of those people in “Airline”!!! :smiley:


I voted for the regionals because the smaller the airport is:

The cheaper the fuel
The better the food
The nicer the people
The shorter the drive to where you are going
The better the chance for a courtesy car (especially for one with character!)
The smaller the crowds…
I could go on, and on


Any type of airport as long as it has interesting aircraft (airliner, GA, etc). So, because that wasn’t a choice I didn’t vote.