Home Airport Favorite or Not


Is your home airport your favorite or Not???

My home BTV is NOT my favorite airport. Mine is BNA I love the layout of it and you don’t have to catch a tram to other terminals which is nice if your in a hurry. Its a big airport but not to big and its always nice and calm inside. That’s why I love BNA. BTV is to small and always full of people and with only around 5-6 desk it gets hectic.


KDAY is nice they call it International but really there is one cargo flight a month that comes from out of the country. I like KSFO because of the lay out and the parallel runway’s.


KEWR is my home airport, and I know it like the back of my hand, but it is really not that nice an airport. Busy as hell, delayed, cops there are douches, and the fact that 78 will be virtually shut down for the next few months won’t help.

Any small, secluded Caribbean airport, like GHB or NEV, would be my favorite, as long as I have a nice lawn chair and a rum & coke. :smiley:


Just because an airport has “international” in its name does not mean it has international scheduled airline service. In fact, I don’t think it even has a legal meaning as far as the government is concerned.

People also need to realize that many international airports (i.e. airports that have custom facilities) service the largest segment of the aviation industry in the USA, namely, general aviation. As an example, Yuma International Airport (YUM) in Arizona has scheduled services to Arizona and California only and no trans-border services. However, YUM does have general aviation flights stopping there to clear customs.


DFW was remodeled and it looks fantastic! Well the D terminal. That’s all I could see.


IDK, BNA is pretty nice, but i like ATL, and Terminal E at BOS better!


Gotta vote for TPA–well laid-out, passenger friendly, relaxing…and a passenger favorite.


Do you mean that I-78 will be shut down? and if so why? I am supposed to use that road in a few weeks.


They are completely shutting down the express lanes in both directions, until December supposedly, but knowing construction delays in NJ, probably sometime next year. Traffic on 78 is supposed to be horrible through the time it reopens. The area affected is the portion of 78 between route 24 and the Garden State Parkway, but delays will still mess up the rest of the highway.

Search for 78 construction on Google News for all the articles talking about it.


Thanks for the heads up. I did a search and eventually found it on the NJ DOT page. I should be heading west around midnight on a Thur night/ Fri morning, and East around 9AM on Sunday. Hopefully it will not be that bad at those times. I will be sure to be tuned to Jersey 101.5 to see how things are moving.


Other than the new Continental Concourse, KCLE is a hole. They’ve cleaned it up and added a few features, but it’s kind of like repainting your '84 Chevette…It’s still an '84 Chevette. CLE has the “old style” of airport layout, and some parts of it are a little shoddy (not PHL shoddy, but not the best).

Best airports (for me):
For getting out in a hurry: KCAK
You park right across the drop-off lanes from the terminal, and they do have a courtesy van that scours the lots around the clock. Usually don’t need it if packed light enough. Check-in is a breeze. Short lines there and at security. Really short walk to the terminal. Only 11 gates, so no 4 mile hike to gate Z94. It’s about 25 min. MORE of a drive from my house than it is to CLE, but I more than make up for it with time saved at the airport itself.

For aesthetic beauty: (tie) KTPA & KMCO
Definitely easy to tell which airports handle lots of tourists, because these two have always been relatively clean with neat designs and artwork, with palm trees galore to make the point that you’re in FL. The monorails add a nice touch, especially for my kids.

Overall: KCMH
It’s a nice mid-sized airport that’s easy to maneuver around, easy to access, and has great spotting from the parking deck!! I haven’t been inside the terminal in many years, but it was always very clean in the past.


Any airport with free wireless internet in the terminals. (TPA is one that I know of, A+)


Free airport wifi from the free wi-fi hotspots site.


Favorite Airport: Any airport in Hawaii … and they sure aren’t my ‘home’ airports.


KATL-HUGE, nice, great arpt to get stuck in, fun to walk around and watch airport operations.

KSEA-my home arpt, great view of Mt. Rainier when departing from 16 L/R.

PHLI/LIH-Kauai, APP gives you an awesome view of the coast.


I like KATL,because of the Views of the planes from most the gates.But also,BNA,and TPA,and Mco are great too.